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Man receives hospital treatment after injecting himself with his own semen
School shooting video game removed online after backlash
'We were bad, what Ireland is doing is 10 times worse' - International experts unimpressed with Public Services Card
Nivea pulls 'racist' advert that bore the message 'white is purity'
Man attends interview for job with Manchester Police smelling of alcohol, gets arrested for drink-driving
British Olympic medallist handed two-month ban for mocking Islam in video
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Beauty queen arrested after faking cancer to raise money
Woman tries to take selfie with bison, bison attacks
Police are warning people not to use this painfully stupid iPhone cover
Annoying tourist demonstrates exactly why you don't mess with the Queen's Guard
Reporter confronts Keano at his home, then complains after being told to 'get the f**k away'
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A load of Miami Heat fans left Game 6 early, banged on the doors to be let back for overtime
VIDEO: Brazilian Slutwalk marchers accost man after he exposes himself
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US skier tossed off team over in-flight urination
Serena criticised for posting "peeping" Twitter pic one week after stalker's arrest
Teachers fired for flirting with students on Facebook