# Bad Hair Day

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'High-risk engagement': Hairdressers to remain shut until 20 July
Convicted murderer who had his toupée confiscated wins court case to get it back
A BBC newsreader was caught brushing her hair, and totally owned it
Beyoncé fans are completely freaking out over her awful new fringe
Caroline Wozniacki gets racket stuck in her ponytail during US Open match
Close shave for Women's Rugby S&C coach after All Blacks vow
New signing for Man United? No, Fellaini's just been to the barber's
A young floppy-haired Jon Hamm fails to get the shift on 90s dating show
Tom Huddlestone finally gets his mop chopped... live on television
VIDEO: Pitch invader shows his love for Leo Messi by mussing his hair
Because we’re worth it – Hairdressing championships come to Dublin
Bad hair day: the 12-week blowdry is banned
Paris Hilton being sued... over hair extensions