# Assisted Dying

Last month
February 2024
Gino Kenny: 'The time has come to grasp the nettle on assisted dying'
HSE tells Assisted Dying Committee there are already 'significant' supports for 'dying in a dignified way'
This year
Ex-medical doctor who was in Dublin for workshop on 'DIY deaths' spoke at Assisted Dying Committee
Philip Nitschke – dubbed Dr Death in a recent Sky News investigation – gave ‘expert testimony’ but the committee was not fully aware of a workshop he held in Dublin during the same trip to Ireland.
Last year
Committee on Assisted Dying told ‘disabled people need to be central’ in shaping legislation
Committee hears calls for improved healthcare supports to be prioritised over assisted dying policy
Committee on Assisted Dying told Ireland is ‘increasingly’ an outlier in its position
Assisted dying legislation 'contrary to best medical practice', Committee hears
Legalising assisted dying would ‘radically’ alter ‘equality of human lives’, Committee hears
12 Irish people have travelled to Switzerland to medically end their lives since 2003
Committee hears whether TDs are legally allowed to pass assisted dying laws in the Dáil
Assisted Dying: TDs admit 'steep learning curve' and moral struggles as Committee finally meets
Any legislation on assisted dying would need 'robust safeguards'
‘Complex and profound issue’: Committee on assisted dying to hold first public session next week
Assisted Dying committee to begin public deliberations in June with report expected for March
'A complex issue': New committee on assisted dying holds first meeting ahead of public sessions
All time
Terms of reference agreed for special committee on assisted dying
Special committee on assisted dying expected to begin in October
Psychiatrists group raises concerns with assisted dying bill
Special committee on assisted dying expected to begin in early 2022
Establishment of Special Committee to examine Dying with Dignity Bill recommended
Spain passes law legalising euthanasia
Human rights group calls for 'substantive' changes to Dying with Dignity Bill to protect right to life
Spanish parliament approves bill to allow assisted dying
The Explainer: Is assisted dying going to become legal in Ireland soon?
From a social 'evil' to Supreme Court scrutiny: the long journey to Ireland's landmark assisted dying vote
'I think Ireland is ready for this': Campaigners welcome result of Dáil vote on assisted dying legislation
The Dying with Dignity Bill has been voted to committee stage
Our 'last human right' or a 'slippery slope'? Inside the debate on assisted dying ahead of today's Dáil vote
'Willingness on all sides' sees assisted dying become political reality ahead of Dáil vote
'It is up to the Dáil': Government won't need referendum to introduce assisted dying law
Explainer: Everything you need to know about the assisted dying bill set to come before the Dáil
Eamon Ryan says a conscience vote on next week's assisted dying bill 'is a real possibility'
'People should not suffer intolerable and horrible pain if they want to exit this life'
Assisted suicide could be introduced in Ireland
A "strong case" for offering assisted death to terminally ill, says UK report