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Last week
11th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
AI algorithms pushing content 'romanticising' suicide to children, Oireachtas Committee hears
This month
February 2024
Debunked: Image of mountainous hay bales before Eiffel Tower is not a real photograph
Meta to begin labelling AI-generated images posted on its social media platforms
Last month
January 2024
Leo Varadkar to speak about the risks of AI during Davos panel alongside Facebook's Nick Clegg
17-year-old Limerick student wins top prize at BT Young Scientists 2024
AI-driven misinformation biggest global risk ahead of major elections, according to WEF report
Last year
Poll: Are you worried about AI?
Debunked: Picture of Irish homeless woman and children is an AI-generated image
Europe reaches deal on world’s first comprehensive AI rules
Actors formally end strike and usher in protections from use of AI
Fianna Fáil senators warn ‘deepfakes' have 'turbocharged' disinformation threat to elections
Sam Altman to return as CEO of OpenAI less than a week after being sacked
Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman to join Microsoft following shock sacking
ChatGPT-maker Open AI pushes out co-founder and CEO Sam Altman
YouTube to regulate 'synthetic' content amid fears that AI is spreading misinformation and scams
AI named Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary
Insufficient evidence to rule out threat to humanity from AI, UK government paper says
Luke O'Neill: 'No, AI doesn't bother me. We shouldn't be frightened of it.'
Tom Hanks warns of ad with AI imposter promoting dental plan
Fake Porn, Real Victims: We must stop the easy use of AI to create nude images of women & girls
Now ChatGPT will have live access to all the public information on the internet
Debunked: Irish users among those fooled by AI image of Pope in front of huge crowds
Hozier 'absolutely' prepared for Hollywood-style strike over AI threat to the music industry
First of its kind AI-supported mammography screening trial detects 20% more cancers
Mother of murdered two-year-old James Bulger condemns “sick” AI-generated clips of son on TikTok
'This is a not a thinking machine': Ireland's experts react to AI industry doomsday warnings
Analysis: Generative AI won’t replace human creativity, but it will change it
Column: 'Innovation should be encouraged, but not to just benefit oligarchic trillionaires'
Opinion: When it comes to news trust, AI presents both opportunities and risks
British PM Rishi Sunak announces UK will host first global AI summit ahead of talks with Biden
AI poses 'extinction' risk to humanity if it grows too advanced, experts say
Opinion: Is it time for us to talk about creating AI-free spaces?
CEO of ChatGPT founder tells US senators that AI regulation is 'critical' to prevent risks
Regulating Artificial Intelligence: 'AI Act' passes it's first key vote in EU
'Extreme' recent advancement of Artificial Intelligence raises concerns for copyright holders
Editor of German magazine fired after using AI to generate fake Michael Schumacher quotes
Editor of German magazine fired after using AI to generate fake Michael Schumacher quotes
Poll: Are you worried about the growth of AI technology?
Italy blocks ChatGPT over its mass collection of personal data to 'train' algorithms
Opinion: As educators, we must step up our game in the face of ChatGPT