# Arson Attacks

This week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Person tried to get job at asylum seeker hostel to 'cause trouble and enact racial discrimination'
The individual was not hired after Dublin City Dorms carried out a background check.
A staff member at the centre raised security concerns with the International Protection Accommodation Services
Dublin City Dorms began operating as an accommodation centre in early 2023, having previously been a tourist hostel
The centre was among the buildings vandalised during the Dublin riots in November
This month
February 2024
Better communication won't do anything to change mind of someone intent on committing arson - O'Gorman
'A campaign of far-right terrorism': Murphy lambastes Govt over response to arson attacks
Three people arrested in connection with arson attack at former pub in Dublin
Five arrests over Sandwith St burning as gardaí trawl CCTV and phone data to find arsonists
Gardaí are investigating almost 20 fires at various sites across the country.
Last month
January 2024
Donohoe 'confident' gardaí will bring cases forward over recent arson attacks around the country
Varadkar says arrests will be made over recent arson attacks around the country
There have been a number of arson attacks at properties earmarked for asylum seeker accommodation in recent months.
Last year
Man charged with arson over Wellington hostel fire that killed at least six people
All time
Concerns raised about fire safety issues at hotel earmarked to house asylum seekers before arson attacks
Having to cross the border or stay overnight: Concerns raised about location of rural Direct Provision centres