# Army Bomb Disposal Team

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Army bomb disposal make safe a viable explosive device found in Tuam
Army bomb squad removes viable device discovered in Galway city
Army bomb squad called to Harold's Cross after historical artillery shell found
Discovery of vintage grenade on Clare farm sparks road closure
Houses evacuated as Drogheda pipe-bomb made safe
Army bomb squad called to remove two explosive devices from property in Louth
Houses evacuated as bomb squad makes explosive device safe in Limerick
Limerick homes evacuated as Army Bomb Disposal Team explode grenade found in the area
Army bomb disposal team dealing with incident in Dublin's Herbert Park
Homemade bomb found in Limerick city late last night
Gardaí call in bomb disposal team after improvised explosive device found in Leixlip
Hoax device discovered in garden causes bomb scare in Dublin
Army bomb disposal team called to explosive items in Waterford and Kilkenny
Houses evacuated after two viable bombs are found
The bomb squad was called to an Ennis school to blow up some unstable lab chemicals
Army bomb robot examines suspect 'flower pot' outside Dublin barracks
'Crude' viable bomb made safe by army in Drumshanbo
Evacuation as homemade bomb found at Ballymun building site
A viable device was made safe after being found in a Dublin garden
A viable device was found in Cavan today, it has now been made safe
A homemade bomb was found outside a house in Tallaght this evening
Houses evacuated after viable bomb discovered in south Dublin
Viable explosive device made safe in Longford
Controlled explosion carried out on viable device at Fingal Cemetery
Bomb disposal team deployed to area of south Dublin
Home owner finds grenade from War of Independence in garden
Viable IED made safe in Finglas
Evacuation of houses in Drimnagh after explosive device found
Viable improvised explosive device made safe in Co Clare
Army bomb disposal team destroys old artillery shell found in Ranelagh
Controlled explosion carried out on unstable chemical at Cork school
Army make safe device found at apartment block in Dublin
Residents evacuated and controlled explosion carried out on IED in Bray
Explosive device made safe in Blanchardstown
Residents evacuated as explosive device made safe in Kildare
Grenade from Irish War of Independence made safe in Rathmines
Army make safe device found in Dublin college grounds
Defence Forces team called to deal with hoax device in Finglas
Improvised explosive device made safe in Cork