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Decision to throw out €13bn Apple tax case must be revisited, advisor to European court says
Irish Government 'confident in its position' ahead of Apple Tax case decision next week
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An EU court has ruled in favour of Apple and Ireland in the €13 billion tax row. So what happens now?
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€14 billion Apple tax fund could lose €70 million this year
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Apple tax: Ireland's appeal over the €14.3bn due to Ireland will be heard next week
Fine Gael ministers discussed US corporations paying 'little or no tax' here in the 1980s
Apple pays over the €14.3bn due to Ireland - but the minister again denies that it's owed
Apple has paid around €1.5 billion into an Irish escrow account
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Government to start collecting €13 billion in Apple tax in the New Year
The government isn't saying when the €13 billion from Apple will be recovered
Debate Room: We should take Apple's €13 billion to halve housing lists
The EU is taking Ireland to court over its failure to recover €13 billion from Apple
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Ireland is looking for someone to hold onto the €15 billion from Apple's tax bill
'Our rights were breached': Here's how Apple will fight the EU's €13bn Irish tax ruling
Ireland spent €440k on a report defending Apple months before the EU's scathing tax ruling
Ireland is expected to get 'large majority' of Apple's €13 billion unpaid tax bill
Apple boss Tim Cook will NOT be coming to Leinster House
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Revenue has begun calculating the tax owed to it by Apple if Government appeal fails
Margrethe Vestager, scourge of Apple, is going after more multinationals
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Dáil approves government plan to appeal Apple tax ruling
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'Cruel promises made to the Irish people that Apple's billions would go to hospitals'
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Greystones is getting an immense tree carving 'in honour of Apple's €13bn'