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Last year
Man accused of assaulting woman in Antarctica then sent to icefield with students, documents show
More than 40% of Antarctica’s ice shelves have shrunk since 1997, study finds
Antarctic sea ice hits new low setting an 'extreme' record
Australia sends icebreaker to rescue sick Antarctic researcher
Antarctica ‘suffering’ because of burning fossil fuels, scientists say
Recruits wanted for five month programme counting penguins in Antarctica
All time
Debunked: No, this photo of a ship in the Antarctic does not prove that the Earth is flat
Scientists begin mission to explore Antarctica’s ‘doomsday’ glacier
World's widest glacier retreating rapidly and facing threat of collapse, research warns
World's largest iceberg - slightly bigger than Majorca - breaks off Antarctica
Temperature in Antarctica tops 20 degrees for the first time
Antarctica records hottest ever temperature at over 18 degrees
Chilean military plane 'disappears' with 38 passengers on board
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern apologises for 1979 plane crash which killed over 250 people
In just 3 years, Antarctic sea ice shrank by an area four times greater than France
US explorer completes first unaided, solo trek across the Antarctic
Researcher stabs colleague at remote Russian Antarctic station after 'tensions in a confined space'
This plan could see an iceberg being towed to Cape Town to ease drought conditions
The ice of Antarctica is melting at three times its previous rate
Mass starvation kills all but two penguin chicks in Antarctic colony
Audio diaries detail Tom Crean's grandaughter's arduous journey in his footsteps
A huge chunk of ice 60 storeys high is about to break off Antarctica
Iceberg as big as Galway on the brink of breaking away into ocean
An iceberg the size of Mayo is about to break off Antarctica - and could start a chain reaction
Concern for Buzz Aldrin's health as he is evacuated from South Pole
Two research workers brought to hospital in rare Antarctic rescue mission
An iceberg twice the size of Limerick city has killed 150,000 penguins
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Chinese ship used in Antarctic rescue now stuck in ice
Stranded Antarctic passengers finally rescued from stuck ship
Helicopter to rescue passengers on science ship trapped in Antarctica
Attempt to rescue science ship stranded in Antarctica since Christmas fails
Help on the way for ship trapped off Antarctica since Christmas Eve