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# anorexia - Tuesday 24 December, 2019

Compromise and having a 'code word': How to make Christmas easier for people with eating disorders

This time of year can be very difficult for a person with an eating disorder, but there are ways to help.

# anorexia - Tuesday 17 September, 2019

Court grants HSE order allowing it to take steps aimed at saving life of woman with eating disorder

She is described as being currently very underweight with a dangerously low Body Mass Index (BMI).

# anorexia - Saturday 16 February, 2019

From The42 'My love for fighting came from battling anorexia and battling my own mind' Go Pro

'My love for fighting came from battling anorexia and battling my own mind'

Mary-Kate Slattery shares her inspiring story.

# anorexia - Thursday 13 September, 2018

Anorexia patients hide batteries in sanitary pads to appear heavier while being treated in hospital

Some also engage in “animated conversation” in an effort to burn calories.

# anorexia - Thursday 30 August, 2018

High Court rules that woman weighing five stone and refusing food in HSE care may be force-fed

The court heard that the woman has a long history of anorexia nervosa.

# anorexia - Friday 5 January, 2018

Hospital receives High Court order to feed 'critically ill' woman with anorexia through tube

The hospital says her life is in danger unless it is permitted to feed her via the tube.

# anorexia - Friday 1 September, 2017

Eating disorder centre criticised for not having a psychiatric nurse on duty at all times

The facility was criticised for having no input from a medical specialist or medical facility.

# anorexia - Saturday 15 July, 2017

'To The Bone does not elevate disordered eating behaviours as something to aspire to'

There is no doubt that the new Netlix film will continue to generate debate, writes Barry Murphy.

# anorexia - Thursday 22 December, 2016

Column: How to get through Christmas if you're recovering from an eating disorder

Christmas is tough if you’re struggling with food issues, writes Cora McEvoy.

# anorexia - Wednesday 23 November, 2016

US judge rules that anorexic patient can refuse forced feedings

The court also granted her request for care to relieve pain or discomfort.

# anorexia - Sunday 14 August, 2016

Getting help: What to do if you or someone you know has an eating disorder

Eating disorders can affect anyone.

# anorexia - Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Increasing numbers of older people are suffering from eating disorders

The Bodywhys group has reported a 9% increase in helpline calls and a 19% increase in email contact from those aged 36-55.

# anorexia - Saturday 23 July, 2016

Girls make up vast majority of young people seeking psychiatric help for eating disorders

Some 87% of people under the age of 18 presenting with eating disorders are female.

# anorexia - Monday 22 February, 2016

89% increase in middle-aged people seeking help for eating disorders

“Eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. They are not about food nor are they a diet.”

# anorexia - Sunday 21 February, 2016

'I fed myself through looking or smelling, but never eating. I'm not over anorexia; I'm living with it'

When I finally got it, I still didn’t think I deserved help. I checked into hospital still believing I was “too fat”, writes an anonymous contributor.

# anorexia - Sunday 31 January, 2016

Three apples and Diet Coke: the food diary of a top model

In her memoir, Victoire Macon Dauxerre recounts the pressures of such high-stakes dieting.

# anorexia - Friday 10 April, 2015

‘Having anorexia is harder than you can possibly imagine. I lived through hell.’

Pippa Newcomb writes about how an eating disorder took over her life from the age of 14.

# anorexia - Friday 3 April, 2015

'Too thin' models are now banned from the runways of the world's fashion capital This post contains videos

'Too thin' models are now banned from the runways of the world's fashion capital

Photoshopped images in France will now also have to be labelled as such.

# anorexia - Sunday 22 March, 2015

Here's why Ireland doesn't need a ban on 'too thin' models

Agencies in Ireland say models smaller than a size 8 can’t get work here.

# anorexia - Wednesday 18 March, 2015

Poll: Should models who are 'too thin' be banned from runways? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should models who are 'too thin' be banned from runways?

France is looking at bringing in new laws which could change Paris Fashion Week.

# anorexia - Tuesday 27 January, 2015

Opinion: I thought my eating disorder gave me control, but it was really controlling me

Talking to people is so important – keeping everything bottled up inside only leads to disaster.

# anorexia - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Column: 'I was in a secret, emotionally abusive relationship with myself'

For years, my eating disorder controlled my life; no matter how thin I got, I wouldn’t be satisfied. It’s this symptom of anorexia that makes it so dangerous, writes Vicky Kavanagh.

# anorexia - Tuesday 11 February, 2014

Link between anorexia and dental braces needs to be explored - report

A study of the condition in an Irish hospital found that it is developing a younger age and becoming more common in males

# anorexia - Sunday 26 May, 2013

Column: I can’t pinpoint the moment I decided I wasn’t going to eat anymore

Suffering from anorexia as a teenager, Jenny Conlon’s weight dropped to just 6 stone before. While speaking about her experience for the first time is difficult, she says if it helps one person, it will be worth it.

# anorexia - Thursday 7 March, 2013

Experimental brain implants may help patients with severe anorexia

Neurological implants are being tested on patients whose conditions have not responded to other treatment.

# anorexia - Wednesday 13 February, 2013

Column: Dying to be thin - what you should know about eating disorders

As part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, psychologist Deirdre Ryan removes the misconceptions surrounding this group of devastating illnesses – and explains how to approach a loved one in pain.

# anorexia - Friday 13 July, 2012

Poll: Should Ireland introduce an opt-in filter for online pornography? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should Ireland introduce an opt-in filter for online pornography?

A child protection expert has argued that parents should be given a choice over explicit content online. So what do you think?

# anorexia - Saturday 5 May, 2012

Vogue editors sign pact to promote healthy body image in the magazine

The 19 international editors of the influential fashion magazine have signed a 6-point plan saying they won’t work with models who appear to have eating disorders.

# anorexia - Tuesday 20 March, 2012

New Israeli law bans underweight models in ads

New law in Israel will ban agents from hiring underweight models or retouching photographs to make models appear thinner.

# anorexia - Friday 24 February, 2012

TD calls for debate on blocking eating disorder websites

Sites featuring images of underweight models and ‘The Thin Commandments’ are putting vulnerable people in danger, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said.

# anorexia - Wednesday 8 February, 2012

Legendary ballet school denies claims of 'rife' anorexia

A former prima ballerina at Milan’s La Scala theatre had said one in five dancers suffered from the eating disorder.

# anorexia - Tuesday 13 December, 2011

Column: The media is selling insecurity – but we don’t have to buy it

Eating disorders therapist Emma Murphy describes how images in the media affect her patients – and suggests a simple task for anyone considering a trip to the newsagent.

# anorexia - Wednesday 10 August, 2011

Website censured over Moss 'skinny' slogan T-shirts

The ad showed children’s T-shirts bearing a motto once mentioned by model Kate Moss in an interview – “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

Brendan Lillis transferred to hospital from Maghaberry Prison

Former IRA member has been transferred to hospital for medical assessment after being refused early release or parole.

# anorexia - Wednesday 13 July, 2011

From The Daily Edge Topshop removes controversial image of thin model from website Topshop

Topshop removes controversial image of thin model from website

The model in question has hit out at criticism about her appearance, saying that she is “naturally skinny” and is hurt that people were discussing her as if she was “not a real person”.

# anorexia - Monday 14 February, 2011

Children as young as five suffering from eating disorders

Children are developing eating disorders at younger ages because of a mixture of peer pressure, media influences and negative messages from parents.

# anorexia - Thursday 30 December, 2010

Anti-anorexia model Isabelle Caro dies at 28

Isabelle Caro, who brought attention to anorexia by taking part in a controversial billboard campaign, has passed away.