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Anonymous takes over website of Argentina's Bureau Of Statistics
The Mire's review of the year's news... skewed
British student convicted over Anonymous PayPal hacking
Swedish government sites attacked after Pirate Bay host is raided
Japan introduces new illegal downloading laws with prison terms
'Weed? I'd legalise immediately': Anonymous Garda invites people to 'ask me anything'
Want to humiliate your mates on national television? Look no further...
Trolls beware: YouTube want you to comment using your real name
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
Ireland linked with move to New York at Michael Ballack's expense
Vatican launches rare criminal probe into leaks
Anonymous claims responsibility for attack on Vatican website
Interpol website hacked after arrest of 25 suspected Anonymous members
WikiLeaks, Anonymous collaborate to release emails from intelligence firm
Anonymous says it has taken down the website of the C.I.A.
Hacked FBI-Met Police call refers to intelligence sharing with Irish authorities
Government website passwords obtained by Anonymous hacker
‘Whole government response to threat’ following #OpIreland cyber attack
Government websites taken offline in Anonymous #OpIreland attack
Wolves and Wahlberg: The week in quotes
Anonymous hackers target US security think tank Stratfor
Facebook falls victim to hardcore pornography 'spam attack'
What are the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York?
Teenagers arrested over Fine Gael website hack released without charge
Anonymous hacks San Francisco subway site over mobile network closure
Anonymous hacker: Plot to 'kill Facebook' is a misunderstanding
Anonymous threatens to "destroy" Facebook on 5 November
Saudi Arabia pulls Syrian ambassador as Anonymous hacks government site
Anonymous 'hacked into 70 US law enforcement websites'
Twenty-one hacker arrests worldwide
Anonymous hackers release 90,000 military email logins and 'French Nazi' phone numbers
Hacker group Anonymous warns UK police and judges to 'brace' themselves
After poking fun at Mastercard, Wikileaks now plans to sue too