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Here's What Happened Today: Monday
Maple Ten developer was told Anglo "would be gone in a week" if loans-for-shares deal failed
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Here’s What Happened Today: Wednesday
Back in 2008, the Maple 10 were the ’10 heroes’ of Anglo
Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday
Former Anglo worker 'refused' to sign letters
'Good relationships' and a restaurant in Portugal: Anglo Trial hears from two of the Maple 10
‘How times have changed’ – Seán Quinn takes the stand
Here’s What Happened Today: Monday
‘I was involved in spending money stupidly’ – Quinn
Quinn: 'I thought Anglo was a marvellous institution'
King Canute and feeling oppressed: The week in quotes
The strange, unruffled atmosphere of Court 19
Sean Quinn paid a high price for investing in that bank, Anglo trial is told
He's up: Sean Quinn likely to appear before Anglo trial today
Anglo board usually met 8-10 times a year - but they met 33 times in 2008
"You have the dubious honour of being the first witness in this case"
Trial of three former Anglo Irish Bank executives begins today
NAMA redeems €750m in senior bonds from IBRC liquidation
Pics: Seán Fitzpatrick pleaded not guilty in court today
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Relics of the boom: What now for the banking sector's landmark real estate sites?
Anglo worried that the bank guarantee could make it liable if other banks failed
The 9 at 9: Saturday
Micheál Martin: Government wants to use banking inquiry as 'a political show trial'
After Jedward and hurling, The Guardian editorial is full of praise for... IDA Ireland
Starbucks to open at former Anglo HQ on Stephen's Green
Man appears in court charged with €200,000 Anglo computer fraud
IBRC granted bankruptcy protection in United States
Three former bankers charged with €7.2 billion fraud
Former Anglo loans worth €2.5bn to be sold as part of 'Project Evergreen'
Former Dublin docklands boss defends record and slams 'grievous accusations'
Column: The governments controlling the euro are no friends of Ireland