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Donald Trump has brought in a new travel ban targeting people from six countries
Jewish communities in the US have faced a string of anti-semitic threats so far this year
'He was just enjoying his glass of beer': Family's distress after Indian men shot in 'hate crime'
Man arrested in New York after chainsawing through door and injuring his boss
Sanders says Trump has 'opened the floodgates' for private prisons to profit
20 fires started at Standing Rock as protest camp dismantled
Trump appoints his third pick as national security advisor
Student finds 11-foot snake in his car engine
At least four reported dead as Pacific storm batters California
Two-year-old shot dead in attack streamed live on Facebook
New York jury finds man guilty of killing six-year-old boy in 1979
Trump planning to speed up deportation of illegal immigrants
Jeff Sessions, controversial senator consistently accused of racism, confirmed as US Attorney General
Trump attacks 'terrible' Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka's clothing line
City mayor confirms there was no massacre at Bowling Green
A law that aimed to prevent mentally ill people from buying guns has been overturned in the US
'It was such a shock, I no longer feel 61 but 22 again': Barry's delight at scooping major book award
17 things that just scream 'MURICA'
Trump and Nieto aren't going to talk about the border wall anymore
Trump to Theresa: 'A free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world'
Here are the policy decisions Donald Trump made yesterday
Here are the policy decisions Donald Trump made over the weekend
Trump's chief advisor Kellyanne Conway defends crowd claims as 'alternative facts'
While Americans have been marching against him - where has Trump been?
Mississippi tornado kills 4 and flattens homes overnight
Irish star ends extended break from athletics following disastrous injury run
'The only thing that’s the end of the world is the end of the world' - Obama bows out
Final acts as President: Obama moves 10 prisoners from Guantanamo to Oman
'Sold to the highest bidder' - how Ireland's institutions allowed Americans to adopt Irish children in the 1950s
US claims Russia tried to hack one of its domestic electricity grids
'Great move, Vladimir': Trump praises Russian President for reaction to US sanctions
Putin won't expel US diplomats, invites them to party in the Kremlin instead
Poll: Would you welcome Trump if he visited Ireland in 2017?
There were 27 shootings in Chicago over the Christmas weekend
A Colorado school district will allow teachers carry guns
US news network claims Putin directly involved in Hillary Clinton hack
The man who forgot the US Energy Department existed will be the head of it
Man pleads guilty to helping his cousin plan notorious Bali murder of girlfriend's mother
Trump says CIA finding Russia helped him win election is 'just another excuse'
'Putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires' - Trump picks fossil fuel advocate for top environment job