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Air India fined over passenger's urination incident during flight
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At least 16 dead and dozens injured after plane skids off runway in India
RAF fighter jets escort Air India plane to Stansted after suspected 'bomb threat'
India plans to create a national 'no-fly list' of unruly passengers
Indian politician admits hitting air steward 25 times with slipper
The man behind the 1985 bombing of a 747 off the coast of Cork has been freed
Ireland risked a PR disaster by billing for post mortems following the Air India 747 bombing
The man behind the 1985 bombing of a 747 off Cork has left prison
Airline worker dies after being 'sucked into jet engine'
30 years ago, the Irish navy began the search and rescue in 'shark infested' waters for victims of Flight 182
Rats On A Plane: Rodent infestation grounds Indian aircraft
Diplomatic mailbag discovered after four decades on ice
Pilots' association says 'speculation' about cause of crash is not helpful.