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Opinion: The worst crisis you’ve never heard of... is the CAR crisis the next Rwanda?
After 7 years and almost €7 million, super banana will face its first human trial
Militants attack Kenyan town as residents watch World Cup. 48 people killed.
Kenya's largest elephant has been killed by poachers
Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to death to be freed 'within days'
500 African migrants leapt a fence into Spanish territory today
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Opinion: After a day submerged in a river, the family escaped the men who wanted them dead
Abducted schoolgirls: Nigeria says it will talk to Boko Haram
Irish artist wins international prize for his psychedelic war photography
Prosecutors ask for Oscar Pistorius to be placed under psychiatric observation
After 5 months and thousands of deaths, ceasefire begins in South Sudan
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Photo: Here's what €170 million worth of heroin looks like
At least 57 dead, death toll still rising as train flies off rails in Congo swamp
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58 killed, including women and children, in attack at UN base in South Sudan
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Aid agency worker dies as Ebola outbreak spreads
Children left homeless by fire 'went to school like it was a normal day'
DFA updates travel advice, as Guinea Ebola epidemic spreads
Egypt sentences 529 people to death after mass trial
Rotting bodies and skeletons found in Nigerian ‘House of Horror’
34 dead, as Ebola confirmed as source of Guinea epidemic
Sunlight can make this dirty water clean...and save lives
Nigerian police free pregnant teens in 'baby factory' raid
320 Irish volunteers arrive in Africa to build classrooms and playground
Shot, burnt and 'hacked with machetes': Over 100 killed in three Nigerian villages
Seven jobseekers killed in Nigeria stadium stampede
Pistorius trial dramatically interrupted after TV station shows witness photo
The Irish League of Credit Unions is to set up shop in Ethiopia
Egypt's entire interim government has resigned
Column: What was once called 'the white gold' is no longer a source of hope