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Burglar with history of drug addiction thanks judge for 'saving' his life by putting him back into custody
Christy Dignam: The bankers are still up here making millions... and we've 4,000 kids in homeless accommodation
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'There are gardaí, politicians and doctors who have taken something illegal at some point'
'I'd a wife and two kids. Everything looked perfect to the outside world. It wasn't. I was addicted to cocaine'
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'She was frantic, her boyfriend had assaulted her and was going to make her do sex work'
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'I couldn't handle it anymore. Three days before the weigh-in, I went missing'
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GAA votes to ban sponsorship deals with betting companies
'While the rest of us are looking forward at this time of year, they're feeling the dread and the anxiety'
'I was nearly crying when I got accommodation. It's not just my home, it's a home for my children'
Overcoming addiction with sailing: 'It's a way of life I never knew existed and better than any drug'
'It's why homeless people won't stay in these places' - Woman assaulted by fellow resident at Dublin hostel
'I'm seven years sober last week. That, for me, beats any Olympic medal' - Kenneth Egan on his recovery
Scientists are using painkiller-addicted fish to develop new treatments for addicts
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Two million people are addicted to opioid drugs in US, with 90 dying every day
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'My parents used to tell me that Matthew was “on holiday”. I found letters addressed from Clover Hill'
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