# Abortion Rights

Last year
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US Supreme Court to deliver ruling on abortion pill access
Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs bill banning abortion after six weeks
Access to abortion pill in the US plunged into uncertainty following conflicting rulings
All time
Kansas voters protect abortion rights in post-Roe v Wade referendum
US Justice Department sues Idaho over near-total abortion ban set to take effect this month
Police arrest 17 US politicians at abortion rights protest outside Supreme Court
US House passes bills to protect abortion access but Senate approval unlikely
Joe Biden says US Supreme Court is 'out of control' before signing order on abortion access
Congresswoman calls removal of abortion rights a ‘victory for white life’
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Democrats’ effort to secure US abortion access in law blocked by Republicans
Croatian woman allowed abortion amid public outrage
US Senate to vote on bill that codifies right to abortion into law, but it will likely fail
White House warns against violence after abortion protests
Oklahoma legislature passes ban on abortions after six weeks
Women’s March targets US Supreme Court to protest over abortion rights
GP: My patients do not need to see your placards with your value judgements
Abortion protests 'aim to destroy Poland', leader of country's ruling party says
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Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
'When the fasten seatbelt light illuminates, my right to decide what happens to my body is paused'
The woman whose Roe v Wade court case legalised abortion in the US has died aged 69
'It should be available in a safe way': Scotland could help Northern Irish women obtain abortions
'People think I'm the devil for having an abortion, but it's the only option that's right for me'
Thousands march for "realistic abortion access in Ireland"
London women's centre advert that appeals to 'Irish visitors' is misleading
Campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment planned for the autumn
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Rosary chants and 'Savita' banners greet TDs ahead of contentious vote
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