# 1982 State Papers

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Haughey Government in row over royal baby message
1982: 'Ireland', 'Éire' and why both aren't written on postage stamps
1982: The term 'Irish Free State' deemed 'inappropriate' by An Taoiseach
Thatcher papers show how Reagan kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting
Fine Gael, Sinn Féin in war of words over Dessie Ellis claims
1982 Papers reveal changes recommended to fire service in aftermath of Stardust disaster
The things that Haughey was sent in 1982
Falklands War: Irish response to Belgrano sinking drew British anger
1982: Women’s bodies used to sell ‘everything from cars to chocolate bars’
Letter from an Irish housewife to Charlie Haughey
1978: Ireland "laughing stock of progressive world" over divorce and contraceptives
Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis rejects allegations of involvement in 50 IRA murders
1982: A year of tragedy for Irish soldiers in the Lebanon
1982: Government was warned of pro-life amendment's clash with ECHR
No mention of Patrick Connolly, GUBU in 1982 State Papers
1982: Haughey, America and "The Troubles"
RTÉ admitted 'massive blunder' over BBC arrangement during Falklands conflict
1982: Irish Council of Churches opposed anti-abortion amendment
Haughey's mission against smoking and cigarette advertising
Govt advised to deal with vaccine damage in the same way as thalidomide compensation
30 years ago: Guinness contemplated cutting the Irish connection
30 years ago: Anger at Irish Government over IRA bombings
Haughey intervened over detention of British journalists during Falklands crisis
After Falklands invasion, Thatcher sought Haughey’s ‘urgent help’