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Donald Trump expected to easily defeat Nikki Haley in Republican primary in her home state
This week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden and son Hunter says 'Russian intel were involved'
McDonald travelling to New York for Irish Unity summit, says party fundraising not part of trip
Donald Trump rails against judge who handed down $355 million fine in New York civil fraud
This month
February 2024
WATCH: President Biden insists his ‘memory is fine’ after critical report
The report described the 81-year-old’s memory as “hazy” and having “significant limitations”,
Joe Biden ‘wilfully’ retained classified documents but ‘should not be charged’, report finds
Last month
January 2024
Mary Lou McDonald says Patrick's Day trip will let Ireland send 'clear message' to US on Gaza
Who could be Trump's running mate if/when he secures the Republican nomination?
After his win in the New Hampshire primary, it’s increasingly likely that Trump will face Biden in November.
Explainer: Who is Nikki Haley - the 'last candidate standing' against Donald Trump in the primaries?
Calls for Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald to boycott St Patrick's Day White House visit
Last year
US Republicans appeal Colorado high court’s ballot ban on Donald Trump
McDonald not in favour of boycotting St Patrick's Day White House over US Middle East policy
Larry Donnelly: Nikki Haley would crush Biden, but can she beat Trump?
White House warns Ukraine aid will run out by year's end without Congress deal
Israel agrees to four-hour daily humanitarian pauses to allow civilians to flee Gaza
Biden questioned over classified documents found at his home and former office
Joe Biden's dog Commander removed from White House after biting staff
Serbia arrests Kosovo Serb businessman in relation to killing of police officer
US monitoring large Serbian military deployment along Kosovo border
Larry Donnelly: Could Elvis’s cousin, a Democrat, be Mississippi’s next governor?
White House warns North Korea would 'pay a price' if it supplies Russia with weapons
Russian airport attacked from own territory, says Ukraine
Trump vows to fight on in 2024 White House race if sentenced
White House says Ukraine using US cluster munitions on the battlefield
Secret Service investigating discovery of cocaine in White House
Donald Trump becomes target of probe over classified documents
Joe Biden trips and tumbles on stage after delivering address at military academy
'Anti-woke' Florida governor Ron DeSantis prepares US presidential bid but can he top Trump?
Covid vaccine requirement for international travelers entering US to end 11 May
Larry Donnelly: Biden declares and Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News - it's all happening in the US
US President Joe Biden confirms bid for second term and speaks of battle with 'MAGA extremists'
Toddler reunited with parents after squeezing through White House fencing
White House blames Trump and massive intel failure for botched Afghanistan exit
Will Trump's trial help or hinder his 2024 White House bid?
Fingerprints, mugshots and a court date: What comes next for Donald Trump after his indictment
Poll: Do you like Niall Horan's music?
Patrick's Day in the White House lacks pizzazz but Biden is serious about his mission to Ireland
Biden extols Windsor Framework and praises NI politicians for standing 'shoulder to shoulder' for peace
Taoiseach thanks VP Kamala Harris for LGBT advocacy during St. Patrick's Day breakfast in DC
St Patrick's Day state visits: How a bowl of shamrocks turned into a global soft power mission