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Ukrainian special forces reported to have ‘bombed two Russian trains' on Siberian railway
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Record temperatures of 38 degrees measured in Arctic during 2020 heatwave
Survivor found after fatal explosion and fire in Siberian coal mine
More than 50 reported dead in Siberia coal mine accident
Seven die as Belarusian cargo plane crashes in Russia
Russia extends state of emergency over wildfires in Siberia
Russia evacuates two villages in Siberia because of wildfires
Alexei Navalny: Russian doctors let Putin critic fly to Berlin for medical treatment
Siberian temperatures reach 38 degrees with forests going up in flames
Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius reported above Arctic Circle
Hundreds of Russian fishermen rescued after becoming stranded on ice floe
Russian serviceman shoots dead eight fellow soldiers at military base in Siberia
18 killed after Russian helicopter crashes in northern Siberia
'These children were killed by corruption': Angry locals question official death toll in Russian fire
Putin says Russia shopping centre fire that killed 41 children was 'criminal negligence'
Siberia shopping centre fire: Witnesses say fire alarms did not go off as blaze kills 64
Over 40 people have died as a result of the severe icy weather gripping Europe
Putin cultivates strongman persona with holiday adventure snaps shown on Russian TV
49 dead in Russian city after drinking toxic bath essence
Fears for Rudolph as 250,000 reindeer to be culled before Christmas over anthrax fears
Three-year-old 'Mowgli' found after surviving three days in a Siberian forest
This Siberian lake has just turned bright pink a couple of months early
Giant holes that mysteriously appeared in Siberia could be sign of climate 'time bomb'
'No sleep... BO levels at an all time high': Connacht's bogus journey keeps dragging on and on
Connacht are still not back on Irish soil after being stranded in Siberia
Hot water bottles and blankets aplenty on the Connacht bench in Siberia this morning
Connacht brave sub-zero temperatures to secure bonus-point win in Siberia
The 33 photographs that took our breath away this year
VIDEO: Passengers have to get out and push their airplane in the snow and ice
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Woman sets fire to wrong haystack after being unfriended on Facebook
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AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov dies
Missing Pussy Riot member is being transferred to Siberia, husband says
Siberian 'forest boy' found after 16 years in wilderness
Russian doctor 'stole heroin from drug mule's stomach' during operation
Elephants survive a stay in Siberia... thanks to two cases of vodka
11-year-old goes wandering, stumbles across 30,000-year-old woolly mammoth
Well-preserved mammoth may hold new clues about early man’s hunting habits