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Last year
New UCC research discovers link between social anxiety disorder and gut microbes
Hospital admissions for dog bites soar by 50%
UK study finds that GP appointments over the phone or online can ‘put patients at risk’
'I felt like I was special': Children in refuge want more time with support workers
Means-tested extra child benefit payment could lift 40,000 children out of poverty
Nearly 30% of Irish 16-year-olds say they gambled within the previous year
Air pollution could be linked to antibiotic resistance, new research finds
Irish households generally don't spend more income on housing compared to elsewhere in Europe
New drug which slows progression of Alzheimer’s disease hailed as a 'turning point'
Why are female journalists targets for online abuse, and what can be done about it?
Prof Philip Nolan appointed as head of new research agency
'They sent me an image of my photoshopped face on a pile of people being burnt'
Most fact-based counterarguments to conspiracy beliefs don't work, study finds
Debunked: Recent studies indicate masks can be effective at preventing the spread of disease
There is no academic advantage to attending single-sex schools in Ireland, research suggests
Opinion: Music can unlock memories and evoke emotions for people with dementia
One in four people in Ireland have low-level exposure to weed killer, research says
All time
Universal basic income could help low-paid workers but it may not target those most in need
Fossil ‘overturns more than a century of knowledge about origin of modern birds’
One in every five low paid workers in Ireland is aged over 50, report finds
Eight glasses of water per day may be too much, scientists conclude
New marine research vessel named after Tom Crean commissioned in Dingle
Dogs can sniff out the scent of stress, new study from Belfast researchers suggests
Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day linked with longer lifespan, research suggests
Almost 1 in 4 people close to retirement age have no pension plan
Many Irish people are in denial about their drinking habits, new research finds
Inequalities in mortality rates across socio-economic and ethnic groups remain in Ireland
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 'may be detectable years before illnesses begin'
Tea associated with a lower risk of mortality, research suggests
False Widow spiders up to 230 times more poisonous than native species, study finds
Opinion: The hyperfocus on our punters blinds people to the real issues sex workers face
Installing electric heat pumps in Irish homes could increase costs by up to 46%
Study launched into outdoor swimming as alternative to antidepressants
Researchers call for action to address health inequalities in light of cost of living crisis
Bringing native lynx and wolves back to Ireland could help curb damaging deer, research finds
Frequent bad dreams and nightmares linked to Parkinson’s in new study
Irish businesses divided on going cashless within a decade
Three quarters of long Covid patients consuming problematic levels of alcohol
Three in five people believe they will have to cut back on food spending over the coming year
Pensioner goes to A&E with memory loss after day-time sex with wife