# Poverty

Last year
Surge in demand for food banks in Northern Ireland outstripping supplies of food, charity warns
Extract: Life and death in a Dublin tenement - 'finding rent was a struggle'
Extract: 'My teacher gave me power with that small bundle of towel, flannel, and pants'
84 homeless people died during 2019, mostly in Dublin
Close to three in 10 people 'severely limited by a health problem' at risk of poverty
Jenny Maguire: There is violence in poverty, discrimination and systems that don’t work
All time
Dr Laura Bambrick: Why pay child benefit to wealthy parents?
Analysis: Governments must act before energy prices break consumers' backs
Almost one in ten people struggled with food poverty in 2021, according to government
Children falling into poverty more quickly than rest of population, says charity
Future retirees in Ireland to face 'substantially' lower levels of home ownership, research warns
One fifth of people in Ireland living below poverty line when housing costs are included
Conservative MP claims people use food banks because they cannot budget or cook properly
Over half of households in receipt of housing assistance at risk of poverty in 2020
Opinion: Rising energy costs this winter are now a major concern for low-income households
Opinion: Today's UN food summit in New York cannot become just another talking shop
Ireland pledges €1 million to help 'poorest and most vulnerable' Lebanon households
Brendan Ogle: It's time to stop gaslighting the public over income inequality
Cancer patients are at increasing risk of poverty due to Covid-19, charity warns
To tackle income poverty and inequality, we need to fully understand the complexities of the data
CSO: 8.1% of children in Ireland live in consistent poverty
Explainer: How Beirut explosions came at 'worst time possible' for a country in a 'dire situation'
Demand for food and mental health support surges due to Covid-19
Minimum-wage sectors hard hit by Covid-19 shutdown - ESRI
The average household disposable income is now €51,458, according to the CSO
Life expectancy in Ireland's most deprived area 7 years lower than most affluent area
'Unprecedented' rise in infant mortality in England linked to poverty
Poll: Should every citizen in Ireland get €200 a week regardless of income?
'Girls are forced to have sex in exchange for sanitary pads or 50 cents'
Opinion: Let's drop the narrative of the undeserving poor and other myths that dehumanise people
Opinion: Lone parents who work get up very early in the morning - but Varadkar doesn't represent us
Poverty has doubled among working parents over five-year period, SVP report finds
Nearly 16% of Irish households at risk of poverty last year while disposable income increased
Irish charity founder in Kenya works 6 days a week and pays himself €300 a month
Poverty: 'There is a dominant narrative that seeks to blame people for their circumstances'
Opinion: 'In modern Ireland, you are invisible without money'
Poorer households turning to pre-pay heating - but that means they pay a 'poverty premium'
'Significant gap': Lone parents and those with disabilities among the most deprived in Ireland
Roma children living in 'overcrowded houses with rats, damp and sewage'
Over 600 people arrested in Tunisia after three nights of widespread unrest