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Saturday 10 June 2023 Dublin: 13°C

# Mars

Last week
28th May 2023 - 10th June 2023
# Space
Rainy weather on Earth interrupts livestream broadcast from Mars
The images that made it through showed about one-third of Mars as the spacecraft circled the planet.
This year
# starship
Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship explodes minutes after test launch of world's biggest rocket
Starship did not separate correctly from its second stage and exploded.
# Astronomy
Moon and Mars to appear close to each other in night sky during rare 'conjunction' tonight
It has been called “one of the most amazing sights” in the night sky this month.
Last year
# Perseverance
Mars rover captures first sound of 'dust devil' on red planet
The first-of-its-kind audio captures not only rumbling gusts of up to 25mph but also the pinging of hundreds of dust particles against Perseverance.
# The Red Planet
Mars set to be visible next to the full moon tonight
The planet will be “extremely bright to the naked eye” from this evening.
Lunchbox-sized instrument successfully generates oxygen on Mars
It is hoped that at full capacity, the system should generate enough oxygen to sustain humans once they arrive on Mars.
All time
# Jezero crater
Perseverance images confirm Mars crater is an ancient lake
The first scientific analysis of the images also reveals evidence that the crater endured flash floods.
# Perserverance
Nasa’s newest Mars rover successfully collects first rock sample
An attempt by the rover to collect a sample last month had failed.
# The Red Planet
China lands spacecraft on Mars for the first time
A rover will join an American craft which arrived at the red planet in February.
# Mars
NASA successfully completes first-ever controlled helicopter flight on another planet
The helicopter beamed images of the feat back to Earth this morning.
# flight on mars?
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter is preparing for the first-ever powered flight on another planet
The ultra-light aircraft was on board the Perseverance rover when it landed on Mars in February.
# Perseverance
Nasa’s new Mars rover hits the dusty red road in its first test drive
The Perseverance rover completed a drive lasting more than half an hour.
# Red Planet
NASA releases panorama view of landing site of Perseverance rover on Mars
The panorama is composed of 142 individual images stitched together on Earth, NASA said.
# The Red Planet
Nasa unveils new video and audio captured by Perseverance as it landed on Mars
The agency also released new images the rover took on the Martian surface.
# Quiz
Quiz: How much do you know about the planet Mars?
Test your knowledge.
# Perseverance
Nasa’s Perseverance rover sends back first colour images from Mars
The rover – a scientific laboratory the size of a car – is on a mission to search for signs of ancient life.
# Chang’e 5
China probe lands on moon in bid to return lunar rocks to Earth
It is one step on a programme to send a manned mission to the satellite.
# Ben’s Original
Mars drops Uncle Ben's name from rice brand following criticism over racial stereotype
Packaging with the new name, Ben’s Original, will hit shops next year.
# Perseverance
NASA launches latest rover mission to search for life on Mars
The rocket took off in California despite a 4.2 magnitude earthquake.
# Tianwen 1
China launches first Mars rover mission in space race with US
The Chinese mission is named Tianwen-1.
# Perseverance
Perseverance: NASA announces name of next Mars rover ahead of July launch
It will be the fifth exploratory vehicle on the Red Planet.
# marsquake
Nasa Mars lander picks up what's likely first detected 'Marsquake'
Nasa has said the new seismic event was too small to provide solid data on the Martian interior.
# mission complete
After roving on Mars for 15 years and sending back 217,594 images, Opportunity is now dead
The rover has been out of contact since a dust storm on the Red Planet.
# Mars One
That plan to make a colony on Mars and film it for reality TV has gone bust
The company is in the red, as it were.
# martian task
Here's what Nasa's InSight lander has been up to this week
We have the details on what its next few weeks will be like.
# Mars
Here are the first photos of Mars from the InSight explorer
A lovely sight this grim morning.
# mars landing
'Touchdown confirmed': NASA's InSight Mars explorer lands on Red Planet
More than half of 43 attempts to reach Mars with rovers, orbiters and probes have failed.
# the bloodening
Tonight's blood moon is the longest of the 21st century - here's when you can see it best
The lunar eclipse coincides with a close passing of Mars in tonight’s sky.
# Water Water Everywhere
Lake of water discovered beneath the surface of Mars
The discovery has led to the eternal question to be asked once more – could there be life on Mars?
# Life on Mars
Nasa is sending a helicopter that weighs less than 2kg to Mars
The helicopter is being sent as part of the Mars 2020 mission.
# in my bag
What's in my makeup bag? Mars
Havng a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
# mars ice
Scientists have discovered glaciers buried deep on the surface of Mars
A better understanding of the depth and location of ice on the planet could help future exporers.
# walking in space
'I didn't want to be known as the person who broke something on the Hubble telescope'
A former Nasa astronaut talks to us about his time in space, and the goal of humans reaching Mars.
# the Martian
'Life is left up to you': NUIG researcher delves into her Mars simulation mission
The experiment has been compared to a desert version of the Hollywood movie The Martian.
# dome sweet dome
NASA scientists to spend eight months in Hawaiian dome for 'Mars simulation'
The study will assess the psychological difficulties associated with living in isolation.
# stop the madness
Just as we come to terms with the Toblerone betrayal, Maltesers bags are getting smaller
# Probe
European Mars lander's fate unclear, signs 'not good'
Schiaparelli was meant to test technology for a future European robotic mission to Mars.
# Red Planet
Nasa's Curiosity rover has sent back some holiday pics from Mars
The planet’s layered geologic past is shown in new color images returned by the unmanned rover, which is exploring lower Mount Sharp.
# what a delight
For everyone who still misses the Mars Delight every single day
We’re here for you.
# fresh air
Six people just completed a year in a Hawaii dome all in the name of science
It’s about seeing how astronauts would survive during long-term space travel.