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February 2024
Crash of the ash: How dieback could break the hurley-making industry
An airborne disease has ravaged the species, leaving growers decimated and hurley-makers scrambling for a long-term supply of ash.
Last year
The 42's Best of 2023: (Irish) Footballers' Lives - a weekend in north-west England
David Sneyd travels to England to spend a weekend with an array of Irish football people, including Stephen Kenny, John O’Shea and Nathan Collins.
What the jury didn't hear in 'cold case' trial that found Noel Long guilty of Nora Sheehan's murder
Irish history: 'For the first time since the Civil War, soldiers found themselves in combat'
'The Monk' acquitted: The full story of the Regency Hotel murder trial
The Ballad of Barry Owens
Footballers’ lives: A glimpse into the struggle, fortune and enduring beauty of the game
All time
The strange history of Ireland's British Empire-era postboxes
'A bit done, and a lot more to do' - from frustration to GPA merger
'We have a perfect storm... The game is changing and we need to change with it'
'He read it and said: 'Tony you cannot publish this. If you do people will think you're weak''
'The collarbone, winning the All-Ireland and then breaking my jaw, it was probably a rough enough time'
'I was sort of obsessed. Demented. Angry maybe with life as well' - Val Andrews on a lifetime in coaching
'Everyone is very much involved in this' - The Dublin All-Star doctor on duty in Temple Street Hospital
'You aren't thinking about anybody. You just want the pain to stop, and you'll go to any extreme to do it'
'Mick McCarthy drove me to the ground to sign the contract. It was surreal sitting in his Mercedes'
In Nepal, Sherpas are losing vital tourism income, but 'stopping the virus is more important than our jobs'
Concussion deep dive: 'I'd be sitting in my room and I'd just start crying. I'd be like, 'What is wrong with me?'
'The first day I met him was in the LIT canteen 15 years ago and I was going, 'Jesus, I'm here with Davy Fitz''
Meath coach talks Ronaldo, Guardiola, New York Knicks, Legacy, Eddie Jones and Jim Gavin
'When he was dying he said to me: ‘Jack is going to play for Ireland, he’s special’'
Kilkenny to the bone: Reeling in the years, the good and the bad, with Cats legend Ann Downey
Analysis: Ringrose shines as Ireland's strong defence shuts Scotland down
The team that Joe built: Putting together a 2019 World Cup squad
'I said, 'Look, I'm not going to let my mother go through that pain again of losing another child''
‘I would have come from the flats… Brian Kerr gave me the confidence to go into any room and meet people’
'My career finished with injury and the thing I feared most, my mother dying, happened at that moment... I was 21'
'When Jack left me out of the squad for the Euros, I was devastated… I wasn’t the same player or person'
'If you look at U2... they kind of belong to the world at this stage, where we still belong to Ireland'
'I ended up working for DHL Express and Zidane went on to manage Real Madrid'
"They asked me about Effenberg. And I said: 'If he thinks I was like his father, he played like my mother'"
'I felt how most young boys would, thinking ‘F**k this, I’m not playing football’ as I thought I'd been shafted'
'The beginning of the end': After McCabe, Tribunal now poised to enter most crucial weeks
'I genuinely don’t have any regrets. I’m honest enough to realise that I didn’t put in the work'
Heroes and villains: Why nothing is clear-cut anymore at the Disclosures Tribunal
'The Irish lads at Leeds were so good to us. They would always be giving us money and stuff'
'Mammy. I don't smile much anymore and I don't know why': Homelessness through the eyes of a child
'He said 'there’s no f***ing way you’re leaving this room until you sign the contract!''
'My father used to beat me and my mother up for fun': A night on the streets with Dublin's rough sleepers
'You’re new to a team and all you’ve been is injured. It's tough to take, both physically and emotionally'