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FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden and son Hunter says 'Russian intel were involved'
20th February 2024
McDonald travelling to New York for Irish Unity summit, says party fundraising not part of trip
This week
18th February 2024 - 21st February 2024
WHO chief says south Gaza's largest hospital no longer functioning after Israeli siege and raid
Donald Trump rails against judge who handed down $355 million fine in New York civil fraud
Last week
11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
Fears grow for patients trapped in Gazan hospital as Hamas reiterates call for ceasefire
Bernie Sanders event at Trinity College interrupted by protester challenging him on Gaza stance
US urges Israel not to carry out Rafah attack in Gaza without plan to keep civilians safe
Bernie Sanders says Joe Biden is 'very wrong' on the issue of Israel and Gaza
Mass shooting after Chiefs Super Bowl parade appeared to stem from dispute, police say
Russian efforts over nuclear weapons in space draws concerns, US media reports
Republicans win vote to impeach US Homeland Security Secretary as border dispute escalates
Biden hits out at Trump's 'dangerous' remarks questioning US commitment to defend Nato allies
US Vice President Kamala Harris says she's 'ready to serve' as debates continue over Biden's age
This month
February 2024
WATCH: President Biden insists his ‘memory is fine’ after critical report
The report described the 81-year-old’s memory as “hazy” and having “significant limitations”,
Joe Biden ‘wilfully’ retained classified documents but ‘should not be charged’, report finds
Biden accuses Trump of pressuring Republicans to reject border measures and Ukraine aid deal
Last month
January 2024
‘Elmo is glad he asked!’: Sesame Street character’s post on X results in outpouring of dread
Joe Biden says he has decided how to respond to drone attack that killed US troops
US vows 'very consequential' response after military members killed in Jordan drone strike
Trump closer to presidential race against Biden as he wins New Hampshire Republican primary
In the Democratic primary, Biden won the state despite not being officially on the ballot.
Boycotting St Patrick’s trip to US over Gaza ‘doesn’t make sense’, says Tánaiste
US state investigates artificial voice message impersonating Joe Biden ahead of election
Calls for Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald to boycott St Patrick's Day White House visit
Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to tax evasion charges
Joe Biden says Trump 'willing to sacrifice democracy' to regain power in first campaign speech
US Republicans push impeachment of Biden's immigration chief
Last year
US launches airstrikes on militia groups in Iraq after attack on troops
McDonald not in favour of boycotting St Patrick's Day White House over US Middle East policy
Former president Mary Robinson says Joe Biden is ‘losing respect’ due to his position on Gaza
Security scare for Biden as car crashes into Secret Service vehicle in his motorcade
US House of Representatives approves impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden
Biden says Israel is ‘losing support’ over ‘indiscriminate bombing’ campaign
Larry Donnelly: Nikki Haley would crush Biden, but can she beat Trump?
Hunter Biden hit with fresh charges over alleged tax evasion
The Explainer: What are the big issues facing Joe Biden as he aims for re-election?
US Senate blocks international aid to Israel and Ukraine to push for stronger border control
Biden 'horrified' after three Palestinian college students shot in Vermont
Biden and Xi agree to restore military communications despite 'dictator' comment
Biden says goal of meeting with Xi Jinping is to improve US-China communications
Larry Donnelly: Polls are now showing that if Biden and Trump ran now, Trump would win