# Hostages

Last month
January 2024
US Secretary of State urges UN agency to address claims of staff involvement in Hamas attack
UNRWA said Israel had provided the agency with information about the alleged involvement of several employees in the 7 October attack.
The European Union is one of UNRWA's top donors.
On Saturday, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin said Ireland was not withdrawing its funding.
He said today he has no issue with the EU reviewing the situation as long as the aid keeps flowing.
EU foreign ministers press Israel on eventual two-state solution
Last year
Israel and Hamas agree to a day-long extension to ceasefire as eight more hostages are released
Hamas has freed 102 hostages over the last week while Israel has freed 210 Palestinian prisoners.
Hamas claimed last night that Israel initially refused to extend the truce.
Mediators and negotiators struck the deal this morning, minutes before the ceasefire was due to end.
Hamas releases 17 more hostages as 39 Palestinian prisoners freed
Varadkar responds after Israel summons Irish ambassador over his ‘lost and found’ comment in Emily Hand statement
'Broken but in one piece': Father of freed hostage Emily Hand is reunited with his daughter
13 Israeli hostages to be freed 'tonight' for 39 Palestinians, mediator says
Hamas frees first group of hostages as Gaza truce takes hold
Israel-Hamas ceasefire to begin tomorrow morning, Qatar says
It is not clear if Irish-Israeli nine-year-old Emily Hand will be among the hostages released tomorrow
Families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza and of Palestinians detained by Israel were forced to wait an extra day
The truce had been put back over "the names of the Israeli hostages and the modalities of their release", according to a Palestinian official
Irish diplomats working behind the scenes in hope of freeing kidnapped Emily Hand
'Have some humanity': Emily Hand's father begs Hamas to release her and other children
Explainer: Here is what we know about the Israeli hostage situation in Gaza
Two American hostages released by Hamas, Israel and militant group say
What we know about the hostages taken by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the efforts to free them
All time
Hostages released after stand-off at synagogue in Texas
The Ukranian President has defended posting a film recommendation in order to end a hostage crisis
Three dead after man takes two women hostage in Zurich flat
Two French soldiers killed in operation to free four hostages in Burkina Faso
Woman killed after gunman takes hostages at Los Angeles supermarket
Four children and suspected gunman found dead after Orlando hostage situation
Policeman critical after swapping himself for hostage as three die in France terrorist attack
Englishman who took hostages at bowling alley jailed for 12 years
Couple had children while being held hostage in Afghanistan as they dreamed of a big family
Freed hostage says militants killed his infant daughter and raped his wife
Hostage situation in South Carolina ends after 'disgruntled employee' shot by police
Hostages rescued after standoff with gunman in Florida
Attack targets school as 250,000 prayed nearby to mark end of Ramadan
Suspect gunman 'shot dead' after workplace incident at a Walmart in Texas
Al-Qaeda gunmen kill at least 20 people outside African hotel popular with tourists
Islamic State group says it executed Norwegian and Chinese hostages
Japan scrambles to verify footage of Islamic State hostage execution
Italy denies paying €10m ransom to free young hostages
Australian PM: 'I will not rest until the public is as safe as possible'
Nigerian authorities 'furious' parents of four girls failed to say children had safely returned
French hostage freed from Syria says he is "very happy to be free"
Police officer and teacher killed at Moscow school shooting
French hostages released after three years return to France
40 years ago, this is how 'Stockholm Syndrome' was born
Algeria says 37 foreigners killed in gas plant siege