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# Growing

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From the Garden: Looks aren't everything - consider growing celeriac in this year's veg patch
It is a delicious vegetable included in mashed potato or even grated raw.
From the Garden: Making the most of polytunnel growing this winter
I feel blessed to have so much delicious, nutritious food to hand, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: Even in the calm of the vegetable patch, it can be hard to stay mindful and focused
If you can get out of your head for an hour or so, you’ll automatically feel calmer – but the challenge is getting there, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: How to fight back (nicely) against the caterpillars eating your plants
Growing brassicas like kale or cauliflower is basically a war between you and the creatures that want to eat the plants, writes Michael Kelly of
'Sowing season doesn’t stop at the end of spring if you want vegetables over the winter'
This is a crucially important time of the year to be sowing seeds, writes Michael Kelly.
Quinoa and grilled sourdough salad is a classic for summer evening supper or lunch
It’s a good idea to cease watering onions for about two weeks before harvesting to help with that drying out, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: 'French beans are, I think, one of the most underrated of vegetables'
Of all the legume family, they are my favourite to eat, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY tomatoes: 'We are in what I like to call 'bruschetta' season'
It’s a wonderful time of the year, when a simple lunch or dinner can easily be conjured up from nothing, once you have some decent sourdough bread in the bread bin, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: Michael Kelly's top tips for conserving water use
In these heatwave conditions, watering is indeed necessary and conserving water becomes a significant challenge, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: GIY cucumbers to make the perfect Tzatziki
I find them relatively easy to grow, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: 'The Khaki Campbell is one of the most prolific backyard ducks'
Some of them literally lay an egg a day all year, contributing food for the table even when your hens have given up laying in the depths of winter, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: 'As we move in to summer, it’s important to keep sowing'
There are still loads of vegetables that you can sow from seed, writes Michael Kelly.
Which veg plants need a lot of watering and which ones can withstand a bit of a drought?
It’s difficult to come up with a definitive list, but here are some guidelines, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: 'I've been grappling with how we get kids to try beetroot and I reckon I've cracked it'
Of course, some of them still didn’t like it after taking part in The Grand Beeturia Experiment, but that’s okay – at least they tried it, writes Michael Kelly.
'Slug patrols with a torch after dark have resumed, as have my attempts to lure them into beer traps'
Last week I got the climbing beans out of module trays and in to the ground in the big tunnel, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: Get creative with delicious new potatoes using this Spanish tortilla recipe
Serve as a generous lunch or light dinner with a salad of peppery green leaves, writes Michael Kelly.
Chickweed: 'Not only is it edible, it’s considered to be a nutritional powerhouse'
It’s a nice surprise to discover that what you have considered a real nuisance in the veg patch, could in fact turn out to be a blessing, writes Michael Kelly.
Bio-insecticide Supernemos: 'Sometimes GIYing is not for the faint hearted'
In a demise worthy of the cheesiest horror movie the nematodes then eat the wire worms from the inside out, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: 'We really don’t need a heatwave – just a few days with the sun in the sky'
I don’t know how the poor plants will react if we skip spring altogether, writes Michael Kelly.
In the garden: 'I find that my system is craving fresh greens after a long winter'
I just chop them and steam them over some boiling water for a few minutes and they are delicious, writes Michael Kelly.
Disbanding of the B&I Cup represents real opportunity for AIL to grow
Joe Schmidt recently said the club game is “the base” rugby in Ireland is built on.
Michael Kelly’s top tips for putting food and food growing at the centre of your workplace
Food growing is a simple, practical way to really engage employees, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: Our guru's 'nerdy' guide to growing onions for home-made marmalade
This onion marmalade recipe is a sinch to make so if by chance you still have a glut of onions from last year, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: Secrets to growing your own juicy tomatoes
I have a cunning plan to try to reduce the workload somewhat for the season ahead, writes Michael Kelly.
GIY: 'This St Patrick’s Day I will be out (as I am every year) sowing my spuds for the year'
They are a brilliantly easy veg to grow – blight aside – and harvesting your own spuds will be like Christmas morning, writes Michael Kelly.
Supermarket queues: How well would we cope with a more sustained crisis?
Growing some of your own food has a role to play in creating a more resilient food future, writes Michael Kelly.
Use remaining old-season veg and store cupboard ingredients for a delicious cassoulet
This week Michael Kelly has tips on making your own compost.
'There is simply nothing more warming than a French onion soup'
Michael Kelly is back sowing and says, ‘It’s impossible not to feel full of springtime enthusiasm when you see signs of life emerging in a seed tray.’
GIY: Even if you don't have much space, you can still grow spuds in pots and containers
This week our GIY guru gives his tips on how to trick potatoes into thinking they have lots of space available to grow.
Back row competition points to Ireland's much-improved depth
Building depth has been a key goal since the 2015 World Cup quarter-final exit.
GIY: Sow seeds on a sunny indoor windowsill and try this cheesy leeks recipe
We’re coming out of our winter shell this month, writes GIY guru Michael Kelly.
When was the last time you had an Irish apple? 95% of ones we eat are imported
We have been conditioned to believe that there are just handfuls of apple varieties but, in fact, we have hundreds of native varieties in Ireland alone, writes Michael Kelly.
Schmidt's Ireland in a better place after being 'spooked' early in Six Nations
The Ireland head coach won’t be getting over the round-one defeat in Scotland just yet though.
'Support for an all-Ireland soccer team is growing'
Sinn Féin are hopeful that a move will happen in the near future.
It's hard to find great quality lettuce in supermarkets - but it's really easy to grow yourself
Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with lettuce – but be careful you don’t sow too much of it.
Carrots are the classic stock pot vegetable and full of vitamin A
As part of Michael Kelly’s 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating your own Food series – this week, we talk carrots.
Vitamins in garlic help your body fight carcinogens and get rid of toxins
For over 4,000 years of human history garlic has been used for its healing powers
Aubergines are a tropical plant, but you can still grow them in Ireland
As part of Michael Kelly’s 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating your own Food series – this week, we talk aubergines.
Rocket's peppery taste is perfect for any salad
As part of Michael Kelly’s 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating your own Food series – this week, we talk rocket.
Chard is highly nutritious and should be a popular addition to your healthy January diet
As part of Michael Kelly’s 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating your own Food series – this week, we talk chard.