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11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
Here's how to register to vote (or update your information) ahead of next month's referendums
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This month
February 2024
'A legal bomb waiting to go off': The delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high
Solicitors have called on the Probate Office to reinstate its face-to-face counter service.
Delays have steadily increased after a new way of working was introduced to accommodate remote working during the Covid pandemic.
Solicitors have called on the Probate Office to reinstate its face-to-face counter service.
One solicitor said the current arrangements are "absolutely shocking".
Last month
January 2024
Referendums: Flac suggests changing 'durable relationships' wording, warns about misinformation
The Free Legal Advice Centre says the proposed changes, as currently worded, are “symbolic” and “will not deliver meaningful enforceable rights”.
Political parties to table amendments to referendum wording as Sinn Féin seeks 'clarifications'
Last year
Ukraine: 'This is the second Christmas our children made just one wish, to see their Dad again'
'It's one of the things that drives me. You're always reminded to be grateful'
Munster centre Alex Nankivell has settled into life in Ireland impressively.
Two referendums on gender equality and family expected to take place next year
'He's in good health and he's back golfing and doing everything he loves'
'He’s been an awesome grandad' - Lowe's father flies in for the World Cup
Farrell has been full of surprises. Can he lead Ireland to World Cup glory?
Ireland have a happy, confident camp but World Cup is a different beast
Two referendums instead of one may be required on gender equality with 'tight' November timeline
Andy Farrell says 'circus' around Owen has been 'absolutely disgusting'
Surrogacy: Hannah McCarthy travels to Kenya and finds a growing number of surrogate cases there
Aaron Ramsdale opens up on his wife's miscarriage during last season
Sister of Dublin attack victim 'overwhelmed by support of Irish people' as GoFundMe page nears $100,000
Pandemic had no impact on the 'vast majority' of 13-year-olds' transition to secondary school
Opinion: Many carers feel isolated with no confidence after being out of paid work for so long
Relationships: We say opposites attract but really they complement and complete one another
'They've taken me training since I was five... it’s nice to have them there'
'Garry is fine' - Ringrose still playing big role with Ireland after his injury
'We'll see if we can squeeze the grandkids to cheer for Ireland'
'This is a career where you can end up in a one-bed apartment on your tod'
Opinion: 'Telling my child she'd missed a school place broke my heart'
'It's just me doing my job, but I can see how happy it makes my family'
All time
Therapist: Christmas can be tough - here's some strategies to help you mind yourself
'I don't want to die not knowing': Adopted people share their search to find their identity
The penultimate episode of Redacted Lives follows people on their search for relatives and information, Órla Ryan reports
"I'm getting older now, I don't want to die not knowing," Marguerite Penrose tells us
One man who believes he was illegally adopted also shares the impact this has had on his life
New scheme to allow councillor appoint temporary substitute while on maternity leave
'I'd class myself as a feel-type coach' - Farrell fosters family vibe with Ireland
Opinion: 'Travelling to Limerick in search of college digs as a care-leaver felt so lonely'
Henderson hungry for Ulster to end 'incredibly frustrating' few years
Bereavement leave could be paid out of the Social Insurance Fund in the future
Tánaiste says the Social Insurance Fund could support those taking bereavement leave in the future.
Such a move would prevent a cost being imposed on employers but would ensure employees don't lose out on pay.
Varadkar also says he wants the right to request remote working legislation to be passed by Christmas.
Family call for change of Garda policy on access to accident scenes following son's death
Putin’s ex-wife and family members targeted in latest UK sanctions
'A family choice' - Mike Prendergast joins Rowntree at Munster
'I hadn’t seen my parents for two-and-a-half years. It was really emotional'
Pope warns of 'demographic winter' and advises married couples to use 'please, thanks and sorry'
'Rugby was a fairytale but not a reality... I was blessed to break that barrier'
Steve Bruce: My family think I’m sick for refusing to walk away