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#work life balance

# work-life-balance - Saturday 13 June, 2020

'We should be actively looking at it': Calls for government to assess impact of four-day work week

Supporters of a four-day week say companies could have the same levels of productivity while helping employees’ work-life balance.

# work-life-balance - Thursday 21 May, 2020

Poll: Is a four-day work week a good idea? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Is a four-day work week a good idea?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has suggested a four-day working week could help tourism in the country.

# work-life-balance - Thursday 26 September, 2019

'It's like having a bank holiday every week': Trade union calls for four-day work week

A number of organisations have come together in support of the idea, saying productivity levels could be maintained or even increased.

# work-life-balance - Friday 16 August, 2019

Government to examine if 'right to disconnect' from emails out of hours would work in Ireland

The law would give workers the right to avoid emails out of hours.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 13 May, 2018

Looking to achieve work-life balance without sacrificing career ambition? We want your questions

Is you life becoming all work and no play?

# work-life-balance - Friday 11 May, 2018

Study: Inflexible jobs can make workers miserable

And giving staff more flexibility makes them less likely to quit, the study found.

WATCH: We put your live questions about work-life balance to a career coach

Derval Chambers Petit joined us for a live video Q&A.

'Turn off your notifications': How to find work-life harmony in our always-on world

Hard to switch off? Work emails ruining your home life? It might be time to make some changes.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 6 February, 2018

Government will not oppose Bill that will extend unpaid parental leave to six months

Under current rules, parents are entitled to 18 weeks unpaid leave.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 10 September, 2017

'I was losing my memory but still trying to work. Then I started coughing up blood'

As part of our How My Business Works series, we profile the Offaly firm behind Mór Irish Gin.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 31 January, 2017

From The42 How to juggle a fit and healthy lifestyle with a busy working life Column This post contains videos

How to juggle a fit and healthy lifestyle with a busy working life

Personal trainer David Last outlines four key areas that you should be focusing on.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 3 January, 2017

Poland, India and Thailand better countries for expats than Ireland

The new HSBC survey put Ireland in 27th place, up four places from last year.

# work-life-balance - Friday 7 October, 2016

Friendship and colleagues: Can work friends become real friends?

Can workplace bonds cut it in the real world?

# work-life-balance - Friday 30 September, 2016

Less than half of Defence Forces satisfied with military life

A recent report found that 48% of personnel were satisfied with military life, compared to 64% in 2008.

# work-life-balance - Thursday 25 August, 2016

The Change Generation: Milestones, big decisions and the time of your life

For the next three months, we shine a spotlight on a period of huge change for Irish adults.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 1 November, 2015

What people are secretly saying about some of Ireland's biggest employers

‘The worst place I have ever been in the past 10 years.’

# work-life-balance - Friday 4 September, 2015

The CEO of a billion-dollar startup who quit for his family is back working in Silicon Valley

Max Schireson made headlines with his decision last year – but he’s making a comeback.

# work-life-balance - Monday 10 August, 2015

Having the craic with co-workers is more important than getting a pay rise

People in Ireland place more value on a positive work environment than money.

# work-life-balance - Monday 20 April, 2015

We need to stop the glorification of busy

Nowadays it’s almost as if it has become a competition as to who can be the busiest – but being overworked is not a virtue.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 15 February, 2015

Baker who makes the best baguette in France is furious about being told he can't work on Sundays

He is obliged to shut his shop for at least one day a week – but he’s not happy about it.

# work-life-balance - Friday 22 August, 2014

Are you a workaholic? Norwegian researchers have developed this way to check

Research team developed seven criteria to gauge working excessively and compulsively.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 13 July, 2014

This graph shows how to be happy at work

It’s all to do with flow, apparently.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 10 June, 2014

Should you answer work emails from home? Most employers think so Home Office This post contains a poll

Should you answer work emails from home? Most employers think so

A new survey has shown that 60 per cent of employers expect workers to check emails outside office hours.

# work-life-balance - Thursday 10 April, 2014

# work-life-balance - Thursday 30 January, 2014

Column: Yes, I leave work on time – that doesn't mean I don't work hard

Employers need to ensure they’re not discriminating against working parents that are organised enough to leave at 5 o’clock – judge the output, not the hours, writes Andrea Mara.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 1 December, 2013

Arianna Huffington: employers should let staff nap on the job Productivity This post contains a poll

Arianna Huffington: employers should let staff nap on the job

Not all day, you understand. That’s a duvet day.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 19 November, 2013

Why working 6 days a week is a terrible idea

Working fewer hours, taking more breaks and occasional holidays can actually make us more productive.

# work-life-balance - Saturday 31 August, 2013

Column: How to get the right work-life balance

Schedule your week in advance and create a system for managing your tasks, your email, and your family time. The more you organise, the more in control of your life you will be, writes Ciara Conlon.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 16 June, 2013

Why businesses should care how well their employees sleep

New research suggests stress messes with our sleep.

# work-life-balance - Monday 29 April, 2013

15 productivity tips to help you escape the 9-5 lifestyle

If you’re spending 12 hours a day at your job and still not finishing your work, it’s time to make a change.

# work-life-balance - Sunday 21 April, 2013

How to manage workplace stress

It’s part of modern life – but there are ways to let go…

# work-life-balance - Sunday 3 March, 2013

How to get sh!t done working from home

Yahoo says that its employees are no longer allowed to work from home – but if you do, these are the benefits and drawback of telecommuting that you need to know…

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 6 November, 2012

Column: Most would jump at the chance to work at home, but it has its downsides

Working at home is not as relaxing as one might think, writes Ann-Marie Scully who says she even misses the morning commute.

# work-life-balance - Thursday 24 May, 2012

Poll: Are you satisfied with your quality of life? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you satisfied with your quality of life?

The OECD says the Irish have some of the best lives in the world, with long life expectancy and a decent work-life balance.

How good is life in Ireland?

Pretty good, actually, says the latest OECD Better Life Index. People in Ireland have a long life expectancy – but the rising rate of obesity could impact on that.

# work-life-balance - Tuesday 22 May, 2012

5 pieces of career advice we learned from Charles Handy

The influential Irish-born workplace philosopher is to make a rare appearance in Dublin next month.

# work-life-balance - Saturday 28 April, 2012

Long before Google, the Soviets also had '20 per cent time'

Productivity and employee motivation drove both ideas – but how come one worked better than the other?

# work-life-balance - Monday 2 January, 2012

Slideshow: The world's 12 best places to live and work Best Places This post contains images

Slideshow: The world's 12 best places to live and work

Is your life out of balance? How about moving to one of these countries…

# work-life-balance - Sunday 1 January, 2012

Do you take all your holiday leave? Work-life Balance This post contains a poll

Do you take all your holiday leave?

Survey claims that over half of respondents didn’t take all their annual leave days because they were too busy or under too much pressure at work.