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This year
Tom Clonan: At a horrendous human cost, Putin is throwing the 'kitchen sink' at Bakhmut
The fall of the city – and its destruction – would be presented as a ‘victory’ for the Kremlin, security analyst Tom Clonan writes.
Chinese spy balloons and shooting down UFOs: What's going on in the skies above the US?
Four flying objects have been shot down: Why are there so many of them now, and could there be extra-terrestrial involvement?
Last year
Tom Clonan: Putin's running out of conventional military solutions to impose his will on Ukraine
The security analyst writes that on the other hand, the Ukrainian motivation to fight is high.
Tom Clonan: Russia's renewed assault on the Donbas region is an attempt to re-frame the narrative
For symbolic and propaganda reasons, Putin has a few weeks to turn things around in Ukraine, writes security analyst Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Russia has pivoted to regenerate a major offensive on the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts
Security analyst Tom Clonan writes about how the Russian forces have taken out their frustrations on the civilian population.
Tom Clonan: A turning point has been reached in the invasion of Ukraine
The security analyst looks at the past few days of activity and peace talks and what that tells us about the future.
Tom Clonan: Russia has converted Mariupol into a pressure cooker of human suffering
However, the security analyst writes that the Russian military has been “mauled” on the approach to Kyiv.
Tom Clonan: The next 24 hours will be pivotal in the future of peace in Ukraine and Europe
The security analyst says a Russian invasion of Ukraine could mean the largest conventional ground offensive in Europe since World War II.
All time
Tom Clonan: Afghanistan, its people and all military personnel are now in a race against time
The security analyst says the stakes couldn’t be higher in the days before the US withdrawal.
Tom Clonan: 'Scenes of desperation at Kabul Airport speak to the barbarity of the Taliban'
The events of the next 48 – 72 hours in Afghanistan are being shaped in a highly fluid and febrile environment, security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: Last night's attack in Vienna shows Islamic State is regrouping and shifting focus
Islamic State’s so-called ‘Caliphate’ took a beating last year, but the terror group has been revived from new bases in Africa, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'My whistleblower journey in the Defence Forces has ended. I am back in from the cold'
Dr Tom Clonan met with the Defence Forces Chief of Staff today about a reconciliation process. ‘Unusually for Ireland, this whistleblowing story has a happy ending,’ he writes.
Opinion: 'Lisa Smith's story will continue to divide and provoke Irish public opinion - and rightly so'
Security expert Tom Clonan outlines what could happen with Lisa Smith’s return to Ireland.
Grave effects of Trump abandoning Kurdish allies evolving at bewildering speed
Events in Syria appear to represent a major setback for the US and a major victory for Syria’s President Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies, writes Tom Clonan.
Recent attempted bombings in Northern Ireland could drag us all back to the Troubles
A recent attempted mortar attack in Strabane has all the hallmarks of the past, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: Living with a disability in Ireland - a relentless dystopian nightmare
The daily life of a person with a disability is not aided by Irish society, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: 'Lisa Smith needs to be exploited to the maximum as an intelligence source on her return'
“While Smith was living with IS during 2016, 135 European citizens were slaughtered in 10 separate attacks that year,” security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Explainer: Why has a minor accident involving the Garda Commissioner attracted controversy?
Details of the accident at Garda headquarters emerged over the weekend.
'The threat posed by Islamist terrorism is waning dramatically... but what do we worry about next?'
Tom Clonan looks at the latest risk assessments around Europe.
'Ireland needs to invest in its neutral status - is expelling a Russian diplomat the best way?'
Security expert Tom Clonan raises concerns about Ireland’s security and intelligence capacity and the strategic importance of our neutrality.
36 hours alone in a bed without so much as a hot drink: lessons to be learned from Storm Emma
The emergency effort co-ordinated by the NECC was impressive, writes Tom Clonan, but there is still a learning curve in reaching out to all vulnerable people.
Tom Clonan: 'Leo knows we get up early in the morning to bathe, toilet & spoonfeed our loved ones'
We need to radically transform the narrative around disability and equality, writes Tom Clonan.
FactFind: Why on earth hasn't Ireland ratified the UN's Convention on Disabilities?
It’s 10 years since Ireland signed the Convention. A decade on, the Republic stands as the only EU country which is yet to ratify it.
Tom Clonan: My dance debut tonight will bring me back to conflict's heart of darkness
‘My tour of duty as an Irish peacekeeper was brutal, violent and profoundly shocking. It changed me. I never came back.’
Tom Clonan: 'There was a level of support and pre-meditation to this sinister attack'
In Manchester, in attacking an Ariana Grande concert, the deliberately chosen target was children, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: We need to talk about how unprepared we are for a terror attack
“In the new reality, the ordinary police on duty, or Gardai, will be required to close down such attacks.”
Tom Clonan: Noirín O'Sullivan's performance in recent days is simply not credible
The only response to this appalling breach of trust is for those in charge to consider their positions, writes Dr Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Truth of what happened in Troubles can't be allowed die with major figures like McGuinness
The untimely death of the Sinn Féin politician has brought Ireland’s faltering peace process into sharp focus, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Nerve, blood and choking agents sending state-sponsored message of terror
VX is a weapon of incredible cruelty and terror, writes security expert Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: The Catholic Church can either reform itself after the Maynooth mess - or risk looking like a Fr Ted episode
Change is hard in big organisations – but the Catholic Church’s approach to the problems in Maynooth have been less than encouraging.
Tom Clonan: Heavy bombers dropping 'full payload' have horrific effects on those below
More little boys like Omran Daqneesh will be butchered while the global implications of force projection are discussed in Moscow and Washington, security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Isis sows seeds of inter-ethnic conflict to give its perverted ideology some sort of twisted logic
Security expert Tom Clonan writes from France, where he and his family were holidaying when Thursday night’s attack happened in Nice.
Thanks to Brexit, the fragile peace in Ireland is under threat
Security expert Tom Clonan writes that a referendum on Northern Ireland may lead to sectarian tensions in the six counties.
What's missing in the gangland crisis? The political will to solve it
Security expert Tom Clonan writes that the government needs to do more to tackle the ongoing crisis.
Maurice McCabe was subjected to "whistleblower reprisal" - Irish style
The treatment of Sergeant Maurice McCabe shows us that the Ireland of 2016 remains a cold house for whistleblowers and truth-telling, writes security analyst Tom Clonan.
'Ireland’s gang killings are remarkably similar to ISIS murders'
That seems like an extreme statement but Tom Clonan has taken a look at the evidence.
In this Irish Cancer Society debacle, let's remember they provide services that our government should
Ireland is the only EU country that relies on charity and philanthropy to provide essential services to our most seriously ill citizens, writes Tom Clonan.
My simple New Year's wish is for my son to live in a truly equal Ireland
One of my boys, Eoghan, suffers from a rare neuromuscular disease. He cannot walk. As a parent, I am becoming increasingly concerned for his future. What will happen to him when I die?
Leo: If there was an overnight fix for the health service I would've implemented it
I’ve been in this job for 18 months and I can say with absolute certainty that if there was an overnight fix, I would have implemented it on day one, Leo Varadkar writes.
'My son will never live independently. I fear for his future when I'm dead'
Dr Tom Clonan, a security analyst and former army captain, is running for the Seanad.