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Last year
"Fiuchphota": Pianta fáis na Gaeilge i dTuaisceart na hÉireann
“Is iontach a bheith anseo mar chuid de. Is pribhléid é gach lá, cé go bhfuil blianta fada bainte de mo shaol.”
"A boiling pot": Growing pains of the Irish language in Northern Ireland
The Irish language faces intense obstacles in Northern Ireland, but many are prepared to stand up for it.
Irish language is growing in popularity in Northern Ireland, especially at primary level and in adult further education
Some educationalists face online sectarian campaigns when promoting the language
Failure to introduce Irish Language Act creating a political flashpoint
'I’ve never had such a long waiting list': Irish colleges ready for long awaited return
It’s been a long couple of years for Gaeltacht areas without the annual influx of students.
Like, follow, share: the social media stars making Irish shine
Young Irish speakers are engaging a whole new audience with the language online.
What's behind 'cultural apartheid' claims about Irish-language housing at Queen's University?
All-Irish residential schemes are commonplace in many Irish universities, but a pilot scheme in Queen’s University Belfast has divided opinion.
Cad atá taobh thiar de na éilimh 'cultural apartheid' faoi scéim cónaithe lán-Gaeilge in Ollscoil na Banríona
Tá scéimeanna cónaithe lán-Ghaeilge seanbhunaithe i bhformhór na n-ollscoileanna in Éirinn cheana féin.
Open Newsroom: Can the EU help to grow the Irish language?
Check out our energising Open Newsroom discussion on how linguistic diversity in the EU can be fostered.
‘Déanann an Stát infheistíocht i rud a chailltear sa mheánscoil ansin’: Na dúshláin do Ghaelscoileanna
“Níl mé ábalta coinneáil suas le cá mhéad uair a bhí orm a rá le tuismitheoirí, ‘Tá an ceart agat chun oideachas a fháil do do leanbh, ach ní ceart agat oideachas a fháil trí mheán na Gaeilge’.”
'The State invests in something that's then lost at secondary school': The challenges for Gaelscoileanna
“I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to tell parents,‘You have a right to education for your child, but not a right to Irish-medium education.”
Live event invitation: The Irish language — survive or thrive?
You are invited to a very special discussion as Gaeilge later this month, taking place in Dingle’s iconic St James’ Church.
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Our 18-month project dives deep into the issues that affect Irish citizens and our place in the EU.
Poll: Would you like to speak more Irish in your daily life?
An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?
Two-thirds support more Irish in daily life as young people increasingly link language and identity
New polling indicates a desire for Irish to be used more in this country.
Over half of people speak some Irish but are not confident enough to try TG4 or RnaG.
Two-thirds of 18-24 year-olds feel the language is 'important' or 'very important' to identity compared to just over half of 55-64 year olds.
The highest language fluency at 27% was people aged 18-24, dropping to 20% among 35-44 year-olds.
Open Thread: How has your relationship with the Irish language evolved?
Are you a born-again Gaeilgeoir or just not interested after your time in school? We want to hear from you.
Open Newsroom invitation: Can the EU help to grow the Irish language?
A powerful way to engage with this month’s reporting on the Irish language and minority language issues.
Beatha teanga í a labhairt: Is the Irish language thriving or merely surviving?
The Good Information Project wants you to join the discussion.
Privacy, decentralisation and regulation - what we can expect to change on the internet?
We’ve spent the last few weeks attempting to answer if Ireland and Europe are ready for the new digital age.
'We don't want to leave anybody behind': How ready is Ireland for the digital transition?
Ireland has some big targets to hit in the next eight years when it comes to getting people and workforces online. Will it happen?
Quiz: How much do you know about the new digital age?
Test your knowledge of the new digital age with out latest Good Information Project quiz.
Do you really understand what NFTs and the blockchain are? Here's an A-Z of tech terms
Let us help.
'We have to think hard about prioritisation': The environmental impact of Ireland's data centres
With around 70 data centres in Ireland and more to come, tech companies are now using a massively outsized amount of energy.
Explainer: How two big new EU laws will try to rein in Big Tech
It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing to get pulses racing – but two new laws will change a lot about our digital lives.
Is the metaverse the internet of the future? Or 'an old idea that's never worked'?
“The world will see the metaverse for what it is: mostly lame,” says one critic.
What is being constantly online doing to our brains?
It has become the default for many of us to reach for our devices throughout the day. But when does it become a problem?
Poll: Irish people split over whether to trust State bodies with facial recognition
Over 40% of people said they would not trust any of the groups or organisations listed to use the technology responsibly.
Open Newsroom: Are we ready for the New Digital Age?
This month’s Open Newsroom looks at Ireland’s digital strategy, and what needs to be done to avoid leaving certain demographics behind.
Open Newsroom invitation: The New Digital Age - are we ready for it?
Join our expert panel at lunchtime this Wednesday to discuss the drive for digital across everything from employment to education.
Poll: Do you trust social media platforms with your data?
User data is central to the ad business of Facebook and other social media platforms alike.
Open Thread: How would you 'fix' the internet?
This month The Good Information Project looks at tech and the new digital age. We want to know how the internet could be ‘fixed’ to improve quality of life in Ireland.
A pivotal moment: The internet is in a state of uncertainty right now - what happens next?
Things are changing, and fast. Are Ireland and the EU ready? The Good Information Project is looking into this new digital age.
Quotas, campaigns and new legislation - what's next for gender equality in Ireland?
The Good Information Project has spent the last four weeks focusing on work in Ireland and the EU to bring us closer to gender equality.
Elizabeth, Julia, Rosie: Rewriting the women erased from Irish history
The Good Information Project finds we have to look back in order to move forward in gender equality.
Explainer: What would Fine Gael's proposed gender quotas on boards actually do for business?
Some experts say that its success in addressing wider gender imbalances in business may be limited.
Would it work here? The countries finding success in key aspects of childcare
As part of a Noteworthy and The Good Information Project deep-dive into childcare, we look to how other countries are managing the sector.
Increased State spend on childcare 'not enough' to solve crisis for parents and providers
A report by
Peter McGuire
A legal right to a childcare place, a purpose-built afterschool system and dramatic hike in public funding would help create a sustainable model.
Cost of childcare in Ireland is among the highest in the EU and parental leave entitlements among the worst, writes Peter McGuire.
This Noteworthy and The Good Information Project deep-dive finds that planned State investment will not deliver a sustainable, universal, model of care.
While the ECCE preschool scheme deemed a success, care for under-3s and primary school children is inconsistent.
Quiz: How much do you know about gender equality in Ireland?
We’ve spent the last month looking at the progress being made – and the work left to be done.
What to do with Article 41.2? 'It hasn't actually contributed anything. It's never been a help'
It has no legal significance and the idea of changing it has been kicking around for almost 30 years – but it’s still unclear what’s going to happen to the Constitution’s most contentious article.
'It's put me off having more kids': Your stories of childcare in Ireland during the pandemic
We asked parents to share their stories. Here’s what they told us.
Women in medicine: 'The system is still designed to suit people with no attachments or responsibilities'
Women make up a majority of undergraduate medical students, but almost two-thirds of hospital consultants are male.
Jan O'Sullivan: Decisions in the Dáil affect us all, which is why it needs more women
Quotas alone will not bring about equality of representation writes former Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan.