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Last year
Privacy, decentralisation and regulation - what we can expect to change on the internet?
We’ve spent the last few weeks attempting to answer if Ireland and Europe are ready for the new digital age.
'We don't want to leave anybody behind': How ready is Ireland for the digital transition?
Ireland has some big targets to hit in the next eight years when it comes to getting people and workforces online. Will it happen?
Is the metaverse the internet of the future? Or 'an old idea that's never worked'?
“The world will see the metaverse for what it is: mostly lame,” says one critic.
Poll: Irish people split over whether to trust State bodies with facial recognition
Over 40% of people said they would not trust any of the groups or organisations listed to use the technology responsibly.
Quotas, campaigns and new legislation - what's next for gender equality in Ireland?
The Good Information Project has spent the last four weeks focusing on work in Ireland and the EU to bring us closer to gender equality.
Elizabeth, Julia, Rosie: Rewriting the women erased from Irish history
The Good Information Project finds we have to look back in order to move forward in gender equality.
Explainer: What would Fine Gael's proposed gender quotas on boards actually do for business?
Some experts say that its success in addressing wider gender imbalances in business may be limited.
Would it work here? The countries finding success in key aspects of childcare
As part of a Noteworthy and The Good Information Project deep-dive into childcare, we look to how other countries are managing the sector.
Increased State spend on childcare 'not enough' to solve crisis for parents and providers
A report by
Peter McGuire
A legal right to a childcare place, a purpose-built afterschool system and dramatic hike in public funding would help create a sustainable model.
Cost of childcare in Ireland is among the highest in the EU and parental leave entitlements among the worst, writes Peter McGuire.
This Noteworthy and The Good Information Project deep-dive finds that planned State investment will not deliver a sustainable, universal, model of care.
While the ECCE preschool scheme deemed a success, care for under-3s and primary school children is inconsistent.
'It's put me off having more kids': Your stories of childcare in Ireland during the pandemic
We asked parents to share their stories. Here’s what they told us.
Jan O'Sullivan: Decisions in the Dáil affect us all, which is why it needs more women
Quotas alone will not bring about equality of representation writes former Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan.
Poll: Should there be a network of State-run childcare centres?
The need for affordable childcare has consistently been highlighted as an issue for working parents.
Ireland's gender pay gap is better than the EU average - what else can be done to fix it?
“I think there’s [still] a lot of confusion. A lot of people make reference to equal pay, and that’s been enshrined in legislation since the mid-70s.”
Clodagh Finn: Let's look at what women did in history, not what they weren't allowed to do
Author Clodagh Finn on the women who are too often relegated to the footnotes of history.
'I wasn't prepared for this': Experts say online abuse against women increased during pandemic
The movement online led to the emergence of new tools being used to target women.
Recent research pointed to higher levels of abuse towards female politicians in Ireland compared to their male counterparts, Michelle Hennessy reports.
One local councillor shared her experience of receiving inappropriate messages from a man on Facebook.
Research shows these types of negative online experiences lead to self-censoring by women.
Just one in five people in Ireland believe women are treated equally in the home
Are we there yet? The Good Information Project focuses on gender equality
What kind of difficulties have you faced with childcare? We want to hear your story
Whatever your situation is, we want to hear what change you’d like to see to the current childcare system.
Just one in five people in Ireland believe women are treated equally in the home
Universal State-funded childcare was identified as the top priority to achieve gender equality in Ireland.
Just 13% of women polled think women are treated equally in the home, Michelle Hennessy reports.
One in five people believe women and men are treated equally in Irish society.
Universal State-funded childcare and increased penalties for violence and abuse of women were cited as the top priorities for achieving gender equality.
Are we there yet? The Good Information Project focuses on gender equality
Open Thread: Have you experienced gendered abuse or harassment online?
We want to hear your stories.
Are we there yet? The Good Information Project focuses on gender equality
We want you to join the discussion.
All time
More than half of people in Ireland think less of Britain since Brexit
A report by
Lauren Boland
63% of people say their view of Britain has changed since it left the EU, and of those, 95% say it has changed for the worse.
63% of people say their view of Britain has changed since it left the EU, new polling has found.
Of those, 95% say it has changed for the worse, Lauren Boland reports.
Green Party and Social Democrat voters are especially likely to say their views on Britain have changed since Brexit.
Irish trade and politics are being transformed by Brexit - but how? What can we expect in 2022?
'There are good and bad days': Are Anglo-Irish relations worse now than during Brexit negotiations?
The Explainer: Is Euroscepticism stronger or weaker after Brexit?
Has Britain’s experience been a motivating force – or turned people off?
'There are good and bad days': Are Anglo-Irish relations worse now than during Brexit negotiations?
More direct links with Wales and north England are planned to improve Anglo-Irish ties post-Brexit.
'It won't resolve anything': How likely is a post-Brexit trade war between the UK and the EU?
There has been talk of a trade war over Article 16 – but could it actually happen?
Wielding a gun with no ammunition: The UK, the EU and the battle over the Northern Ireland Protocol
It hasn’t gone away, you know.
Opinion: We know how little Ireland counts in Westminster - but UK relations still matter
The Fianna Fáil MEP for Dublin argues that despite current Conservative Party ideologies being bad for Ireland, relations must be maintained.
Post-Brexit, who are Ireland's biggest allies in Europe?
There’s been a realignment – but what does that mean for Ireland’s future?
Ireland is taking a 'pragmatic' approach to align with countries on a policy level rather than a nation state level.
Tax and big tech issues are a major concern for Ireland and some of its EU allies.
The loss of the UK will be a blow in some ways but not in others, writes Rónán Duffy.
Rosslare Europort had one of the busiest days in its history this month - thanks to Brexit
A year into Ireland's post-Brexit relationship with Britain, what can we expect in 2022?
What does euroscepticism in the EU look like now that Brexit has happened?
Up to 30% of MEPs have been characterised as being of various shades of eurosceptic.
The tumultuous nature of the UK's exit may have changed what euroscepticism means.
Is there a difference between 'hard eurosceptics' and soft eurosceptics'?
The next 12 months may tell us a lot about the EU's stability, writes Rónán Duffy.
Poll: Will Brexit bring Northern Ireland and the Republic closer together or further apart?
Do you think the boom in cross-border trade will lead to improved relations?
Brexit is fuelling a boom in cross-border trade. But why? And what does it mean for the island?
“There’s a whole cohort of Great British businesses going, ‘Do you know what? We can’t be arsed sending goods to Northern Ireland.’”
In the year to September, the value of imports to the Republic from the North grew by 60% to almost €2.6 billion.
The value of goods going the opposite direction rose by almost 50% over the same period last year to €2.8 billion.
The changes have been born of necessity rather than politics or questions of identity, Ian Curran writes.
A year into Ireland's post-Brexit relationship with Britain, what can we expect in 2022?
The next cycle of The Good Information Project from The Journal will look at the post-Brexit relationships between Ireland, the UK and the EU.
Weathering the storm: Where does Ireland go from here on climate change?
We’ve spent the last six weeks diving into the climate crisis at The Good Information Project.
'We have to pull the brake': Wales has suspended building roads for the climate. Should Ireland?
Wales has paused most new road projects pending a review of whether they are consistent with the country’s climate targets.
Wales has paused most new road projects pending a review of whether they are consistent with the country's climate targets.
Transport experts say focusing investment on public transport instead of roads would be a positive if done right in Ireland, Lauren Boland reports.
But in rural areas, there are concerns that a stop to road-building could cut isolated communities off even further.
Greta Thunberg brands COP26 'a failure' as thousands of young people protest in Glasgow
The Government's long-awaited Climate Action Plan is out - here's what's in it
'This COP cannot save the world': Will this year's UN climate summit have a dramatic outcome?
Any deals or agreements reached at COP26 will be very technical and require a lot of scrutiny, experts say.
‘A cold lesson for farmers’: Panelists say agriculture must lower emissions but sector needs support
The Journal hosted a panel in Athlone this evening to discuss COP26 and Ireland’s role in climate action.
Watch our LIVE event: What must Ireland and Europe do to tackle climate change?
The Good Information Project’s sold-out public event in Athlone on climate change & COP26 kicks off at 7pm.
Ireland split on whether to build a nuclear power station for clean energy
In a trade-off between tackling climate change and economic growth, more people would prioritise solving the climate crisis.
COP26: 'If you allow yourself to feel it, the heartbreak and the injustice is hard to bear'
Sign up to The Journal’s COP26 newsletter for daily updates and analysis from Glasgow over the next two weeks.
Climate change 'not a hypothetical threat', Biden tells COP26 summit
The Taoiseach said at COP26 that there is a unique opportunity to increase ambition and “turn the tide on climate change”.
Majority of us have made personal changes for the climate, but not as many are confident it's enough
Across the political spectrum, only Fine Gael voters place more responsibility on individuals than on governments to tackle the climate crisis.
The world's most crucial climate summit is starting - sign up to get our daily newsletter
We’ll be bringing you daily updates and analysis from COP26 in Glasgow.