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# speech

    # best actor
    ‘You can forget that piano …’ - Colin Farrell’s heartwarming Golden Globes acceptance speech
    Farrell won his first Golden Globe in another Martin McDonagh film co-starring with Brendan Gleeson, 2008′s In Bruges.
    # royal duties
    Truss and Sturgeon join King Charles III for queen's thanksgiving service
    Charles will visit Northern Ireland tomorrow for a memorial service, which the Taoiseach and President will attend.
    # difficulty
    'I feel a fraud now' - Chris Kamara opens up on condition affecting speech
    The broadcaster revealed earlier this year that he had developed apraxia of speech.
    # Assembly
    Micheál Martin: Failure to form Northern Ireland Executive is 'unacceptable'
    Martin was speaking in Oxford earlier today.
    # address
    Taoiseach tells European Parliament that Ireland strongly supports Ukraine joining EU
    Micheál Martin said Ireland supports the strongest possible sanctions on Russia, understanding that it will involve costs.
    # un assembly
    Micheál Martin addresses UN General Assembly and talks peace and benefits of EU membership
    He said UN nations had not done enough to protect poorer nations.
    Duncan Smith: TDs in the Dáil who throw around references to Nazis need to think again
    The Labour TD reacts to Dáil debates yesterday in which references to ‘Stalinist’ and ‘Nazism’ were used.
    # speech
    ‘We need to stay focused and get through these next few months’: Read Micheál Martin's address in full
    The Taoiseach made the announcement at 6pm.
    # election 2020
    Joe Biden: 'The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story'
    The candidate said he is going to win the 2020 US presidential election.
    # Climate Change
    President says we can't 'continue with the mere placing of a green lens on economic policies' to save the planet
    President Michael D Higgins gave a speech to the Engineers Ireland Conference this morning.
    # Government
    'We can overcome the toughest challenges': Martin's speech to the Dáil after being elected Taoiseach
    Martin said helping society and the economy to recover will be at the centre of everything the new government does.
    # Dáil
    Varadkar: 'Racism too is a virus... We don't need to look across the Atlantic to find racism'
    The Taoiseach today spoke at length about racism at home and abroad in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.
    # State of the Union
    Trump refuses to shake Pelosi's hand, then she rips up his speech
    The US President declared America is “stronger than ever before” in his State of the Union address.
    # Madison Square Park
    Donald Trump greeted with cheers and protests during Veterans Day speech
    As Trump hailed US veterans as the “greatest warriors to walk the face of the earth”, Impeachment balloons floated nearby.
    # speech
    Taoiseach says he'd sooner bring back wolves to Ireland than let Sinn Féin into government
    The Taoiseach mentioned Green Party leader Eamon Ryan’s idea of rewilding the countryside with wolves during his speech last night.
    Irish and UK reaction as Theresa May announces she will step down as party leader
    She will leave the role of Conservative Party leader.
    # speech
    Bono pays a visit to the Dáil to hear US Speaker Nancy Pelosi speak
    She repeated that a US-US trade deal is off the table post-Brexit if the Good Friday Accord is compromised.
    # Fine Gael National Conference
    Expect some not-so-subtle election promises as Fine Gaelers land in Wexford
    ‘Let’s take Ireland forward together’ is the theme of the Fine Gael’s National Spring conference, which kicks off today in Wexford.
    # speech
    Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable' says President Xi Jinping
    China still sees democratic Taiwan as part of its territory to be reunified, despite the two sides being ruled separately since the end of a civil war on the mainland in 1949.
    # Fine Gael Ard Fheis
    Varadkar says FG can look proudly to its record in 'caring for families'
    Varadkar said Fine Gael is a “compassionate party” that has a role in offering a helping hand to those that need it.
    # Homelessness
    Dundalk manager Stephen Kenny uses PFAI awards speech to highlight homelessness
    The Lilywhites manager spoke passionately about homelessness in Ireland after being named Premier Division Manager of the Year.
    # seven more years
    Michael D Higgins' speech outlines his plans for the next seven years
    President Michael D Higgins says he would focus on equality, togetherness and strong sustainable communities during his next term.
    # Fine Gael Think-In
    Varadkar understands why people might be 'sceptical' that Fine Gael can solve the homeless crisis
    The Taoiseach says his party does not lack compassion when it comes to solving the crisis.
    # UN Security Council
    Leo pays tribute to the 88 Irish peacekeepers who never made it home
    Today, Leo Varadkar launched Ireland’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council.
    # Prosecutions
    Apologising for criminalisation of homosexuality Varadkar says 'people allowed the law to do its bashing for them'
    The Dáil is offering an apology today to all the men convicted before the decriminalisation of homosexuality.
    # major speech
    Arlene Foster talks about her dad being shot by the IRA and 'no logic' in a hard border
    Responding to her speech in London, Sinn Féin accused Foster of producing the “same old arrogance”.
    # Deadlock
    Bill Clinton warns political stalemate could result in the North going 'back into the hell of the Troubles'
    There are three possible outcomes if the institutions in the North don’t get up and running soon, said Clinton.
    Leo Varadkar presents Donald Trump with bowl of shamrock in St Patrick's Day ceremony
    Varadkar was speaking at the St Patrick’s Day ceremony at the White House.
    # inclusion rider
    Frances McDormand asks all female nominees to stand in rousing Oscars speech
    She won the Best Actress award for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
    # Brexit
    May moots 'associate membership' of EU agencies, concedes neither side can have 'exactly what we want'
    The British PM said that she was not cherry-picking but just negotiating in the same way as any trade deal is put together.
    # bojo
    Boris Johnson refuses to rule out resignation over UK's Brexit stance
    He said it “would be mad” to go through Brexit without taking advantage of “the economic freedom with it bring with it”.
    # princeton
    US college professor cancels cultural freedoms class after use of racial slur causes anger
    Colleagues say Professor Emeritus Lawrence Rosen has often used the slur during lectures on free speech.
    # State of the Union
    Can Trump stick to a script? We'll find out tomorrow
    Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address.
    Trump to release medical records after questions over his health arise
    Trump appeared to struggle with some words during a live statement at the White House on Wednesday.
    # next chapter
    Gerry Adams expected to set out his 'future intentions' at the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis this weekend
    Adams told the media this week that nothing in his speech this Saturday will impact on the talks in Northern Ireland.
    # Fine Gael conference
    Leo Varadkar promises to cut taxes for middle income earners and bring in paid family parental leave
    Addressing the Fine Gael Conference this evening in Cavan, the Taoiseach said his party would solve the housing crisis.
    # whopper
    Donald Trump says 'he hears' Ireland is about to drop its corporation tax rate to 8%
    The US president made the unscheduled remarks at the White House this evening.
    # heartfelt
    Emotional O'Shea pays tribute to lost clubmates as Breaffy end difficult year on a positive note
    The Mayo star held back the tears as he gave a powerful speech.
    # ff ard fheis
    Micheál Martin brands Fine Gael the 'out-of-touch elite' party that has moved to the right
    The Fianna Fáil leader has launched a blistering attack on the Taoiseach saying things have got worse since he took over.
    # speech
    Higgins compares today's refugees with those who left Ireland during the Famine
    President Higgins is on the third day of his week-long State visit to Australia.
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