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# snowden - Tuesday 17 September, 2019

US Justice Department sues Edward Snowden over new book

The suit alleges that Snowden published his book without first submitting it to the two government agencies for pre-publication review.

# snowden - Wednesday 18 January, 2017

Poll: Should Barack Obama pardon Edward Snowden? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should Barack Obama pardon Edward Snowden?

After commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, should Obama offer a pardon to the whistleblower Edward Snowden?

# snowden - Saturday 30 July, 2016

Democrats hacked again as Snowden and Assange fall out over leaks

Edward Snowden has publicly criticised the strategy of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

# snowden - Friday 6 November, 2015

Your personal data was talked about at the Web Summit, but it looks like you might have to pay to keep it safe in the future

Privacy could become a product purchased by the rich and an unattainable luxury for the poor, writes Maria Helen Murphy.

# snowden - Thursday 29 October, 2015

MEPs vote to welcome "human rights defender" Edward Snowden in Europe

Irish MEPs voted 6-4 in favour of the resolution, which Snowden himself has called a “game-changer.”

# snowden - Tuesday 5 May, 2015

British spy agency might be able to tell when you say 'craic' or 'Dublin' on the phone

And “Belfast”, and “Seán” and “pub.”

# snowden - Friday 20 February, 2015

The NSA may be able to listen to phone calls around the world

That’s according to Edward Snowden.

# snowden - Saturday 18 October, 2014

The new Snowden documentary is fascinating - and critically flawed

Citizenfour is released in the US this month.

# snowden - Thursday 7 August, 2014

Snowden granted three-year residency in Russia, with permission to travel

“In the future Edward will have to decide whether to continue to live in Russia and become a citizen or to return to the United States,” his lawyer said today.

# snowden - Sunday 13 July, 2014

Opinion: American policy is moving ever further from European interests

Under the Obama administration the NSA has continued to grow and Libya has slipped into chaos, meanwhile relations with Russia are reaching crisis point.

# snowden - Monday 14 April, 2014

Guardian & Washington Post claim Pulitzer for Edward Snowden coverage

The reports have sparked a huge debate in the US on the merits and morality of mass public surveillance.

# snowden - Friday 17 January, 2014

Obama to unveil NSA data collection reforms

The US president is expected to roll out only modest changes to the way in which the NSA collects phone and internet information.

# snowden - Thursday 16 January, 2014

More Snowden revelations: NSA collected almost 200 million texts a day

The secret operation, codenamed ‘Dishfire’, used the messages to extract data on the location, contact networks and credit card details of mobile users.

# snowden - Friday 10 January, 2014

FBI director says he is baffled that Snowden is called a hero

FBI boss James Comey said he doesn’t understand how someone who disagrees with the way the US government works could be considered a hero or a whistleblower.

# snowden - Thursday 26 December, 2013

'Privacy matters': Here's Edward Snowden's Alternative Christmas Message

In case you missed it, here is what he fugitive whistleblower had to say in Channel 4′s Alternative Christmas Message.

# snowden - Tuesday 24 December, 2013

Edward Snowden to deliver Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message

It’s now 20 years since the British broadcaster began airing its alternative to the Queen’s annual televised address.

# snowden - Wednesday 18 December, 2013

Obama meets heads of Twitter, Facebook and Apple to discuss NSA spying

The internet company bosses fear that NSA operations have crossed constitutional lines and infringe the privacy of their customers.

# snowden - Tuesday 17 December, 2013

Snowden offers Brazil help in investigating spying in exchange for asylum

The NSA whistleblower says that until he is granted political asylum, he cannot speak out.

# snowden - Thursday 7 November, 2013

"Our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. Al-Qaeda is lapping it up." - MI6

British spy chiefs said today that intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden were being used by enemies to change the way they operate.

# snowden - Friday 18 October, 2013

Snowden insists Russia has no access to NSA files

In an interview with The New York Times, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says that he did not take any documents with him to Moscow.

# snowden - Wednesday 4 September, 2013

Putin on Syria action, Snowden and Russia's anti-gay policies

The Russian president sat down for a wide-ranging interview, saying it was “ludicrous” that the Syrian government would use chemical weapons.

# snowden - Wednesday 24 July, 2013

Snowden set to leave Moscow airport

News reports in Russia claim he has been provided with a document allowing him to cross the Russian border.

# snowden - Wednesday 17 July, 2013

PIC: This is Edward Snowden's asylum application, according to his lawyer

The US intelligence leaker has applied for temporary political asylum in Russia with his lawyer discussing more details of the case today.

# snowden - Tuesday 16 July, 2013

Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday

Everyone’s talking about the abortion legislation passing the Seanad, Magdalene laundries, and Katy French’s inquest.

# snowden - Friday 12 July, 2013

Here’s What Happened Today: Friday

Everyone’s talking about Lucinda Creighton, drownings and a train crash in Paris.

PIC: This is what Edward Snowden looks like after 19 days in a Moscow airport

Human Rights Watch has issued a picture of the US fugitive after he met with rights activists in the Moscow airport where he is based today.

# snowden - Wednesday 10 July, 2013

Merkel defends secret surveillance for security purposes

In her most detailed comments on the spying claims made by Edward Snowden, the German chancellor defended the role of secret services in keeping populations safe.

# snowden - Monday 8 July, 2013

High Court refuses arrest warrant for Snowden

The judge said that the question of where the offence took place is not a minor detail and could have serious consequences.

# snowden - Saturday 6 July, 2013

Bolivia's Morales offers asylum to US leaker Snowden

Nicaragua and Venezuela have also offered asylum to the American – one days after denouncing the rerouting of Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane over Europe amid reports that the fugitive was aboard.

Two countries offer Snowden asylum, but he has no passport to leave Moscow

Snowden has been scrambling to evade espionage charges after disclosing a vast US surveillance program to collect phone and internet data.

# snowden - Friday 5 July, 2013

WikiLeaks: Snowden makes 6 new asylum applications

WikiLeaks it would not be identifying the countries involved “due to attempted US interference” in the Edward Snowden’s asylum applications.

Spain says it was told Edward Snowden was on Bolivian flight

The 30-year-old is believed to be holed up at a Moscow airport looking for a country that will give him safe haven.

# snowden - Wednesday 3 July, 2013

Snowden not on Bolivian jet in Vienna: Austria‎

Austrian and Bolivian officials are insisting the US leaker was not on President Evo Morales’s jet when it landed overnight.

# snowden - Tuesday 2 July, 2013

The 5 at 5: Tuesday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock…

Taoiseach: Snowden has sought asylum in Ireland, but his application is invalid

Enda Kenny has told the Dáil that the fugitive former NSA employee has written to the Irish embassy in Moscow but this is not sufficient for an asylum application to be considered.

Lots of countries reject Edward Snowden's request for asylum - but two say 'maybe'

Bolivia and Venezuela have both said that they would consider an asylum application from the NSA whistleblower.

# snowden - Thursday 27 June, 2013

Russian official says Snowden case at 'dead end'

Moscow is refusing to respond to US efforts to have the former NSA contractor handed over.

# snowden - Tuesday 25 June, 2013

Putin won't extradite Snowden who's in the transit area at Moscow airport

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the sooner Snowden selected his final destination the better for all.

# snowden - Monday 24 June, 2013

US tells Russia to give Snowden back as whistleblower set to leave Moscow

The former National Security Agency employee is reported to be heading for the Cuban capital of Havana before seeking asylum in Ecuador.

# snowden - Sunday 23 June, 2013

Former US spy Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong bound for Russia

Snowden’s latest revelations show the NSA was hacking Chinese mobile phone companies to gather data from millions of text messages.