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# infertility - Thursday 19 December, 2019

Explainer: When will IVF treatment be provided through the Irish public health service?

New fertility hubs will be open next year, with IVF available in 2021.

# infertility - Wednesday 18 December, 2019

€2 million in funding for IVF and fertility treatment set to be announced by government

One course of IVF treatment can cost between €4,000 and €4,500.

# infertility - Saturday 9 September, 2017

'Many times I just keep smiling to avoid crumbling into a crying mess'

People should think before they speak when it comes to fertility issues, Julie Ronaghan writes.

# infertility - Saturday 3 June, 2017

Doctor defends 'three-parent baby' technique amid criticism

Valeriy Zukin has used the procedure to help infertile couples have children.

# infertility - Wednesday 17 May, 2017

Infertility problems in mice solved with 3D-printed ovaries

It’s hoped that 3D-printed skin, ears, bone scaffolds, and heart valves could solve a number of medical issues.

# infertility - Monday 27 March, 2017

It's now possible to test sperm quality with a smartphone

An optical attachment analyses video of semen.

# infertility - Saturday 2 July, 2016

A Spanish fertility clinic that plays music to foetuses has bought a surgery in Kildare

The Clane Fertility Clinic is going to start using the technique to help the IVF process.

# infertility - Sunday 5 June, 2016

Infertile, dating and 33: How do you bring up an inability to have children?

“You can’t just bring up the “do you want kids” conversation over your first date martini,” writes Clare McAfee two years after her ‘horrible diagnosis’.

# infertility - Thursday 2 June, 2016

Landmark: First pregnancy using innovative fertility treatment in Ireland

The Cork Fertility Centre has announced the breakthrough.

# infertility - Thursday 5 May, 2016

"In theory you could do anything you wanted with a human embryo in Ireland"

A new, controversial embryo-growth breakthrough could help science in the study of infertility. However, fears abound that the research breaches ethical guidelines.

# infertility - Monday 18 April, 2016

Super-gonorrhoea a 'serious threat' in Ireland

The HSE says it’s something they’ve been taking seriously for a long time.

# infertility - Wednesday 2 March, 2016

Why do people say this: ‘They’ve been married a while now? What’s keeping her?'

To be told you cannot conceive on your own is devastating, cruel and unfair, writes Jennifer Ryan Moran.

# infertility - Thursday 14 January, 2016

When a couple faces the reality of infertility, it can send them into crisis mode

Ovulation calendars, doctors’ appointments, tests and treatments start to take over.

# infertility - Saturday 24 October, 2015

'My failure to conceive makes me feel like I'm not functioning as a woman'

An anonymous contributor talks about her struggle to conceive and the emotional impact it can have on a person.

# infertility - Monday 22 June, 2015

Do you suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome? New research hopes to help you

Up to one in five women are estimated to be affected by the condition.

# infertility - Monday 29 September, 2014

A Personal Story: My life with Turner Syndrome

At 28, Turner Syndrome continues to dominate my life and now the time is right to step out from the invisible wall I seem to have built around myself.

# infertility - Friday 26 September, 2014

Not legislating for surrogacy is 'simply kicking the can down the road'

The Medical Director of Sims IVF says removing surrogacy from the Child and Family Relationships Bill is a lost opportunity.

# infertility - Tuesday 22 July, 2014

More research needed into possible link between infertility and mobile phones

An Irish support group has asked couples not to panic about a recent study.

# infertility - Friday 18 July, 2014

Junk in that trunk: The weight problem facing elephants

It’s not as funny as it sounds.

# infertility - Thursday 12 June, 2014

Opinion: I'm not genetically linked to my son or daughter but, honestly, it just doesn't matter

Dealing with my own infertility and the emotional journey that is IVF was full of anguish, but now we have our beautiful twins – and I love them so much it’s overwhelming.

# infertility - Wednesday 11 June, 2014

Opinion: It's still hard to express the sadness that comes with being unable to have children

In the past, people with cystic fibrosis typically died in childhood. But now that we have longer lifespans we are often faced with a new problem: infertility.

# infertility - Tuesday 10 June, 2014

Opinion: Infertility can be utterly devastating for a man – don't allow him to suffer in silence

There can be an emphasis on the woman when talking about infertility, but men hurt deeply too.

# infertility - Tuesday 13 May, 2014

Celebrities commended for highlighting their infertility problems

The National Infertility Support and Information Group is working ‘to banish the taboo’ around infertility.

# infertility - Friday 18 October, 2013

Irish researchers discovering more and more about male infertility

Male infertility is responsible for about 50 per cent of infertility in Ireland.

# infertility - Thursday 23 May, 2013

New IVF treatment could result in couples having successful pregnancies

The ‘time-lapse’ technology can pinpoint the abnormalities in human embryos that cause IVF failure or miscarriage and raises live birth rates by 56 per cent.

# infertility - Thursday 4 October, 2012

Potential infertility cure: stem cells create viable eggs in mice

It’s a long way from working in humans but researchers have made a leap forward.

# infertility - Wednesday 5 September, 2012

Frozen - over fresh - embryos may improve IVF success

Senior clinical embryologist at Beacon Court in Dublin welcomes the new research stating embryo freezing and waiting for a better conditioned womb linings may be the way forward.

# infertility - Sunday 12 August, 2012

Column: Having children doesn’t define men, so why should it define women?

Maeve Binchy’s books would have been different if she’d had children, according to one newspaper. Abigail Rieley asks: Why do we put this pressure on women?

# infertility - Monday 27 February, 2012

Pope says marriage is only place 'worthy' of conception

Pope Benedict also said that infertile couples should shun artificial procreation.

# infertility - Tuesday 30 August, 2011

Column: ‘Deep down, I am still angry at the unfairness of it all’

Helen Browne describes her experience of infertility, and asks for people to be more sensitive to this painful condition.

# infertility - Friday 25 March, 2011

Scientists grow sperm in laboratory

Japanese researchers have cultivated sperm from the testes of baby mice.

# infertility - Wednesday 3 November, 2010

Babies born through IVF may have twice the risk of cerebral palsy

New research shows that the treatment itself may double the risk.