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# infection - Friday 15 May, 2020

UK infection rate increases as over 41,000 now confirmed dead from disease

The UK’s R number is between 0.7-1.0.

# infection - Thursday 23 April, 2020

Number of people infected by a confirmed case of Covid-19 has fallen again

Every person who contracts Covid-19 is expected to spread it to no more than one other person, the figures reveal.

# infection - Thursday 9 April, 2020

Number of people infected by confirmed case of Covid-19 in Ireland down from four to around one

Professor Philip Nolan said the modelling advisory group can see the “profound effect” the measures are having on transmission.

# infection - Sunday 5 January, 2020

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China is not the return of SARS virus, officials say

SARS killed 349 people in mainland China and another 299 in Hong Kong in 2003.

# infection - Tuesday 26 June, 2018

Ex-partner of man accused of infecting her with HIV says he 'wasn't shocked' over her diagnosis

The man has pleaded not guilty to intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to the two women.

# infection - Wednesday 9 May, 2018

# infection - Wednesday 18 April, 2018

All staff and students screened after two cases of TB confirmed in Cork secondary school

The screenings include a skin test and, if needed, blood tests and chest x-rays.

# infection - Tuesday 5 September, 2017

'It's a serial killer': Detection rates on the rise as staff become 'sepsis aware'

Simon Harris said hospital staff are now trained to be more “sepsis aware”.

# infection - Wednesday 30 August, 2017

A patient in Ireland has contracted Hepatitis B from a blood transfusion

The Irish Blood Transfusion Board has tested 1.2 million donations for the infection.

# infection - Tuesday 11 July, 2017

Theresa May announces inquiry into Britain's contaminated blood scandal

Thousands of patients were given blood products infected with diseases.

# infection - Tuesday 11 October, 2016

Tallaght Hospital restricts visitors over outbreak of antibiotic-resistant infection

The hospital said today that children are not permitted to visit any circumstance.

# infection - Monday 15 February, 2016

HIQA finds overcrowding, poor hygiene and risk of infection at Holles Street

It found that 46 babies were in the neonatal intensive care unit which was only designed for 36.

# infection - Sunday 31 January, 2016

Here's what the colour of your snot really means

Yes, it’s disgusting, but that gooey stuff coming from your nose is trying to tell you something.

# infection - Friday 7 August, 2015

There's been a surge in Irish Chlamydia cases

Cases increased by a third last year.

# infection - Tuesday 28 July, 2015

St James's Hospital to start testing all Emergency Department patients for HIV

It is hoped that as well as detecting new cases, people bring previously diagnosed patients back into care.

# infection - Tuesday 21 July, 2015

French teenager in remission from HIV 12 years after stopping treatment

Researchers said there is renewed hope for patients who start treatment early after infection.

# infection - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Authorities fear up to 11,000 people could have been infected with HIV/Hepatitis at two dentist clinics

The worries stem from inadequate equipment sterilisation at the facilities.

# infection - Thursday 9 October, 2014

Nurse in Australia being tested for Ebola

The woman had just returned from working for the Red Cross in Sierra Leone.

# infection - Tuesday 7 October, 2014

WHO says Ebola is "unavoidable" in Europe as three more isolated in Spain

A Spanish nurse tested positive for Ebola yesterday.

# infection - Sunday 14 September, 2014

Scientists unveil magnetic gadget that can strip toxins out of blood

The device, which has only been tested in rats so far, could be adapted one day for removing Ebola from blood, they said.

# infection - Friday 15 August, 2014

WHO: The Ebola outbreak is much worse than people think

The official death toll has now climbed to 1,069.

# infection - Saturday 9 August, 2014

Nigeria's largest city is struggling to find medical personnel to help fight Ebola‎

It has appealed for volunteers to come forward.

# infection - Friday 8 August, 2014

Trinity scientists discover how to attack a bacteria that causes cystic fibrosis infections

The common bacteria produces a slimy bio-film that on the lungs that is almost impossible for patients to clear

# infection - Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Video: What exactly is the Ebola virus?

This video shows how the infection takes hold.

# infection - Monday 23 June, 2014

West Africa's Ebola virus outbreak is now "out of control"

The virus is fatal in 90% of cases.

# infection - Friday 25 April, 2014

Column: A vaccine could soon be here for one of the most devastating diseases on the planet

With malaria causing 627,000 deaths last year, there are high hopes for the first vaccine. But old-fashioned people power can also make a difference.

# infection - Thursday 24 April, 2014

Fishermen blamed for huge number of HIV cases in Ugandan village

The going rate for sex in Kasensero is as little as €1.50.

# infection - Tuesday 22 April, 2014

Scientists have proven a good sleep could actually cure your cold

Experiments on fruitflies showed faster recovery and better survival rates for the ones that had more sleep.

# infection - Wednesday 16 April, 2014

MRSA has been in Irish hospitals for 40 years, but it's getting more dangerous

New research at TCD is looking to find out which strains will become the most dominant.

# infection - Wednesday 5 March, 2014

TCD scientists find significant increases in MRSA strains outside of hospitals

Between 2002 and 2011, researchers identified a 44-fold increase in the prevalence of PVL-positive MRSA.

# infection - Tuesday 4 March, 2014

CDI is more common than MRSA and kills one in three Irish patients infected

Unlike MRSA, alcohol wipes do not stop the spread of CDI.

# infection - Friday 28 February, 2014

Swine flu case confirmed in second Cork hospital

Mercy University Hospital has confirmed a case of the Influenza H1N1 today.

# infection - Thursday 27 February, 2014

Researchers create simulation virus that spreads via WiFi

The virus, named Chameleon, searches for weaknesses within WiFi networks and infects them before automatically seeking other vulnerable access points.

# infection - Thursday 13 February, 2014

Warning issued after children at Cavan creche diagnosed with meningitis

All staff and children who has close contact with them have been given antibiotics.

# infection - Wednesday 18 December, 2013

Irish boy contracts potentially fatal tetanus infection

The HSE are stressing the importance of vaccination against tetanus which causes death in between 10-25 per cent of cases.

# infection - Monday 16 December, 2013

38 arrested for carrying out genital mutilation on girls as young as three

The practice has been outlawed in Tanzania but is still performed in some parts of the country.

# infection - Monday 7 October, 2013

Vaccine reminder issued as HSE says 1,000 could die in severe flu season

Those in at-risk groups can get the vaccine free-of-charge from their GP or pharmacy.

# infection - Saturday 17 August, 2013

Blind kitten called Lorcan shows the need for spaying feral cats Spay That Stray This post contains videos

Blind kitten called Lorcan shows the need for spaying feral cats

Last week was Feral Cat Awareness Week – here’s why people are being encouraged to ‘spay that stray’.

# infection - Tuesday 11 June, 2013

First person to have two-leg transplant has both limbs amputated again

Doctors said that the patient contracted an unrelated illness that forced him to stop taking anti-rejection drugs.

# infection - Monday 13 May, 2013

Deadly new virus sparks call for 'urgent actions' to prevent spread

There have been 33 confirmed cases of human infection since September last year, including 18 deaths.

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