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    # a hard rain's a-gonna fall
    UN official calls for Bush and Cheney to be charged with torture
    “It is now time to take action.”
    # Dick says
    Dick Cheney thinks that CIA torture report is 'full of crap'
    The former US vice president has spoken out today.
    Tortured: ‘They called a doctor to check if they could continue without killing me’
    Torture survivor Juan Mendez looks back at his harrowing experience, and the challenges facing the global fight against torture, in his role as the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture.
    # CIA
    Department of Foreign Affairs: Shannon Airport was not used to facilitate torture
    A damning report into torture used by the US military was released yesterday.
    # War on Terror
    The CIA misled the White House and used ineffective, brutal interrogations
    Note: Some readers may be upset by the graphic descriptions used in the report.
    # interrogation
    US (finally) releases details of the CIA's interrogation of terror suspects after 9/11
    The report is expected to be a damning indictment of a secret program under the administration of former president George W Bush to question dozens of detainees.
    # maureen devlin
    How a 14-year-old girl was awarded a CIA medal for fighting off burglars
    Maureen Devlin was living in the Congo with her parents when the incident occurred.
    # Spying
    CIA chief apologises to US Senate intelligence committee for agents hacking its computers
    The agency’s director had previously dismissed allegations of CIA spying on committee investigators.
    # Human Rights
    Poland found to be complicit in US torture programme
    The ruling makes Poland the first EU member state to be held to account for involvement in the CIA’s rendition programme.
    # CIA
    Not everybody thinks that the CIA's tweets are funny
    Some of the accounts tweets have been likened to “dad jokes”. Ouch.
    # not so secret service
    The CIA are answering gas questions from people on Twitter
    And they cleared up a big mystery.
    # extraordinary rendition
    "We are now a blood-ridden country": Margaretta D'Arcy rounds on TDs over Shannon...
    Some of them looked pretty stunned at the tirade…
    # stinger
    This Twitter burn by Wikileaks on the CIA is pretty epic
    # Classified
    CIA joins Twitter with perfect first time tweet, and loads of fake ones
    Central Internet Agency.
    # Waterboarding
    The CIA 'misled' the public over harshness of torture regime
    The report says that intelligence received from torture played no material part in finding Osama Bin Laden
    # Reliable Sources
    NY Times reporter fighting order to reveal his CIA sources
    James Risen says he is willing to go to jail to protect those who gave him information.
    # War on Terror
    Doctors and nurses 'complicit' in US torture of terrorism suspects
    A two-year study found doctors designed and participated in torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners at CIA and Pentagon-run prisons.
    # no rush
    CIA (finally) admits it masterminded the 1953 coup in Iran
    The coup toppled Iran’s prime minister after he tried to nationalise his country’s oil wealth from Britain.
    # the gathering
    The head of the CIA is bringing this piece of Kilteevan turf back to the White House
    John Brennan attended an event at the church his Irish father was baptised in, in the small Roscommon village on Friday night.
    CIA papers reveal that Area 51 does exist
    Declassified CIA documents provide proof that Area 51 is a real place, but there is no mention of UFOs.
    # News Fix
    Here’s What Happened Today: Friday
    Everyone’s talking about poor hygiene in hospitals, home births and students cheating in the Leaving Cert.
    # the gathering
    The head of the CIA is going to a gathering in Roscommon tonight
    John Brennan, whose father is a Roscommon native, is returning to his ancestral homeland in a personal capacity tonight.
    # Al Qaeda
    High-level meeting at White House amid heightened terror fears
    National Security Advisor Susan Rice chaired the meeting as US embassies across the Islamic world close today due to terror concerns.
    Bolivia's Morales offers asylum to US leaker Snowden
    Nicaragua and Venezuela have also offered asylum to the American – one days after denouncing the rerouting of Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane over Europe amid reports that the fugitive was aboard.
    WikiLeaks: Snowden makes 6 new asylum applications
    WikiLeaks it would not be identifying the countries involved “due to attempted US interference” in the Edward Snowden’s asylum applications.
    # Leaks
    Snowden applies for asylum in Ireland… and 18 other nations
    The whistleblower is accusing the US Government of pressuring leaders of countries from which he has sought protection.
    # asylum bid
    Russian official says Snowden case at 'dead end'
    Moscow is refusing to respond to US efforts to have the former NSA contractor handed over.
    # Where's Snowden?
    Putin won't extradite Snowden who's in the transit area at Moscow airport
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said the sooner Snowden selected his final destination the better for all.
    # Facebook
    US government made 9,000 requests for Facebook user info in six months
    The requests covered issues from child disappearances to petty crimes and terror threats.
    # Syria
    Barack Obama has decided it's time to send weapons to Syrian rebels
    Associated Press reports that the White House has reached a view that the Syrian crisis requires greater intervention by western powers.
    # Information
    Data Protection Commissioner 'not surprised' by US surveillance programme
    Billy Hawkes said that his concern might be that there would be an abuse of powers that have been granted for legitimate reasons.
    # David Petraeus
    CIA director who quit after sex scandal joins investment company
    David Petraeus resigned in November after admitting an affair with his biographer, 20 years his junior.
    # Taliban
    US drone kills Pakistani Taliban deputy with a $5m bounty on his head
    Waliur Rehman the number two in the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan faction died along with at least five others.
    # Osama bin Laden
    US can keep dead Osama bin Laden photos under wraps
    A court ruled that pictures of a dead Bin Laden could reveal classified intelligence methods.
    # Syria
    Turkey and US demand Assad stand down
    The US President and Turkish Prime Minister met in Washington to discuss Syria’s ongoing, bloody conflict.
    # hacktivists
    Four LulzSec hackers sentenced to jail for "cowardly and vindictive" attacks
    “You cared nothing for the privacy of others but did everything you could through your computer activities to hide your own identities while seeking publicity,” a judge told the four men.
    # Shannon
    Vigil at Shannon Airport marks 10 year anniversary of Iraq war
    Anti-war group Shannonwatch said Ireland’s record in UN peacekeeping has been “tarnished” by complicity in the CIA rendition programme.
    # Rendition
    "No evidence of rendition" in garda investigations
    The Department of Justice was responding to a report published today claiming Ireland facilitated the CIA’s rendition programme.
    # Rendition
    Report shows Ireland facilitated CIA rendition programme
    The report indicates that flights involved in the transportation of some high profile detainees are suspected of having refueled at Shannon.
    # Not the News
    This is the week's news... skewed
    Breaking via The Mire wire: Tinfoil hats to protect against interweb; abortion floodgates ‘like Guinness at The Gathering’; James Reilly a mystery to the Troika.
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