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# Biology

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Over 1,400 Leaving Cert papers were given a better mark after student appeals
Honours English and Biology were easily the most appealed subjects in 2017.
The Leaving Cert appeal results are out this morning
Honours English and Biology were easily the most appealed subjects in 2016.
Maynooth student has PhD revoked for making up data
UCD have said that they are investigating the student’s later work following the revelation
This girl's well-meaning boyfriend definitely needs a biology lesson
Oh no, that”s not where that goes.
This teacher is going viral with her very unusual anatomy lesson
Get your clothes off in the name of anatomy.
Humans spend as much time peeing as elephants do
They all take about the same time as humans.
People around the world could make a tidy sum by sending one startup their soil
“It’s sort of like a lottery, but it’s going to save humanity at the same time.”
The Hardest Sex Ed Quiz Ever
Are you fully versed in the birds and bees? Take the test.
This man has volunteered to have the first-ever head transplant
But it could be “worse than death”.
This is a really lovely science experiment you can do with your kids
A little food dye, a little water, a little patience – a rainbow-coloured surprise.
Pictures of genitalia replaced by ducklings and dolphins in Turkish schoolbooks
It has sparked more criticism of conservative values being imposed.
Living forever may never be possible, says scientific study
But we have so many things we were planning to do with our immortality.
Poll: Should bonus points be awarded for Leaving Cert science subjects?
And would it help stem the skills shortages in the tech and sciences industry?
Cork students' discovery for improving crop growth could help reduce food poverty
The three students from Kinsale Community College in Cork have reached the finals of the Google Science Fair with their research into using bacteria to help improve yields of food crops.
New species of water mite named after Jennifer Lopez
It’s called the Litarachna lopezae and it was found near Puerto Rico. Cool.
Here's the real reason why koalas hug trees
Turns out they’re not just doing it to be cute.
'No limitations': Ireland's top women scientists gather to showcase their work
A free event happening in Dublin today aims to get more girls and young women interested in the field.
New Leaving Cert science course poses risk to "high standards" of education
It could also hamper Ireland’s chances of attracting foreign direct investment, experts say.
Are you smarter than a ten-year-old? Primary school students explain science
“Seed Dispersal and Germination”, “Germ Busters” and “Five Senses”, they know it all…and they can sing too.
Debunked: Are redheads, gingers, and strawberry blondes going extinct?
Someday in the future, that pesky MC1R could be a thing of the past, if this myth is to be believed.
Congrats! Ireland's Young Scientist winners scoop first prize at EU contest
Ciara Judge, Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Throw scooped first prize for their research into the effect of bacteria on plant germination.
Hangovers actually get better later in life
Cheers to science. (But seriously, don’t do it anyway.)
Baby jousting and bog mini-monsters: It's Heritage Week
Free events around the country have been introducing every age to the hidden treasures in their locality.
Breakthrough discovery on Crohn’s disease by Maynooth researchers
It’s hoped the development will lead to new ways to diagnose the condition, and eventually new drugs.
Lady Gaga and horse burgers: Junior and Leaving Cert examiners having the craic
Lady Gaga on the business paper, horse burgers in the French exam. Gas Al
'Budding psychopaths' can be identified 'by how they react to people in pain'
A study has found that children who don’t react the same as other people when they see photos of people in pain may be at risk of developing psychopathy as adults.
This is what happens in your brain when you fancy someone
You can blame your medial prefrontal cortex. It’s so romantic.
Research chimpanzees to be 'retired' in the US
A ‘Chimp Haven’ has been constructed to house the chimps as only 50 to be left in studies and “invasive” research to be phased out.
Early risers may have genetic advantage
Those annoying types who can get up and go early in the morning? It may be down to a genetic variation.
Squeaky bum time! Here’s a secondary school science test
Happy Science Week! Now light that bunsen burner and let’s get going…
9 body parts that are (now) useless
Swivelling ears, tails, third eyelids… we humans used to be so pretty.
Dolly the sheep cloner Keith Campbell dies at 58
The University of Nottingham says Keith Campbell – who rose to worldwide fame in 1997 – passed away last week.
If only humans had the legs of grasshoppers...
…they would be twice as strong, say Trinity College Dublin researchers.
Which Leaving Cert subjects produce the most A grades?
Some subjects produced proportionally more top grades – while others had higher failure rates than most.
Three blind mice? New chemical helps sightless mice to see – US study
The findings offer hope of a treatment that could eventually help people who are blind.
Caribbean parasite named after Bob Marley
It was definitely a compliment, according to the scientist who came up with the idea.
Poll: Is it ethical to put human remains on public display?
The Human Body exhibition in Dublin – the second such exhibit in recent years – has raised eyebrows over its displays.
GALLERY: A quick look inside the controversial Human Body exhibition
The controversial exhibit – featuring bodies donated under Chinese law – has opened at the Ambassador. (Discretion advised.)
Wasabi, yawning, and needing to pee: the winners of the 2011 Ig Nobel prizes
The alternative annual prizes – honouring science that makes us laugh and think – are as off-the-wall as ever.
The point of sex revealed...
…but it’s not as romantic as you think – it turns out parasites are to thank for sexual reproduction.