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Monday 27 March 2023 Dublin: 7°C

# Asteroid

Last week
19th March 2023 - 25th March 2023
# European Space Agency
Large asteroid to safely zoom between Earth and Moon this evening in once-in-a-decade event
Small asteroids fly past every day, but one of this size coming so close to Earth only happens around once every 10 years.
This year
# near-Earth object
Lorry-sized asteroid to come 'extraordinarily close' to Earth but NASA says it poses no danger
It was discovered on Saturday from an observatory in Crimea.
All time
# disaster prep
NASA launches spacecraft to kick an asteroid off course
The asteroids in question pose no threat to our planet.
# Bennu
Odds of asteroid Bennu hitting Earth now higher, but still very slim
The odds of a strike have risen from 1-in-2,700 to 1-in-1,750 over the next century or two.
# now what
Large asteroid to pass by Earth next week
There is no threat of a collision with our planet now or for centuries to come, Nasa said.
# Bennu
'I can’t believe we pulled this off': Nasa craft lands on asteroid to collect rubble as part of rare space mission
Only Japan has previously collected asteroid samples.
# 1998 OR2
Mile-wide asteroid set to pass within 3.9m miles of Earth today
Despite its category, scientists insist the space rock poses no threat to Earth.
# ideal touchdown
Japan probe lands 300 million km away in hunt for clues to origin of life
Meanwhile, Israel began a mission to make its first Moon landing.
# not armageddon
An asteroid the size of your house will give Earth a close shave tomorrow morning
Asteroid TC4 will pass uncomfortably close to Earth just before 7am tomorrow morning according to Nasa.
# close one
Largest asteroid in over a century flies by Earth
Scientists had planned to study the asteroid up close when it passes.
# 2014-JO25
A massive asteroid is going to come 'very close' to Earth today
Smaller asteroids whizz by Earth several times a week.
# dark side of the moon
Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth tomorrow
Nasa has said there is no chance the asteroid will hit us, but it will be “a very close approach”.
# Australia
Scientists find evidence of giant asteroid that would have triggered huge earthquakes and tsunamis
The asteroid hit Earth about 3.5 billion years ago.
# TX68
An asteroid is going to swoop uncomfortably close to Earth
Before you panic: no, it’s not going to hit us — though it’s going to come tantalisingly close.
# mar ref
A Cork man thinks a meteor is coming to kill us all after the Yes vote
There’s an asteroid on the way.
# Outer Space
This Irish student just got an asteroid named after him
It’s thanks to his winning of a major SciFest prize.
# don't wanna miss a thing
Video: An asteroid the size of a cruise ship passed over Ireland last night
But it was never going to hit earth, thankfully.
# flyby
An asteroid the size of a mountain is passing us by right now
Don’t worry, it won’t crash into us.
# Meteorite
Did you see the 'giant fireball' over the east of the country last night?
It could be part of an asteroid – burning up in the atmosphere. And it could spark a meteorite-hunt…
# Voyager
Asteroid hunting probe to travel four years to potato-shaped space rock
Hayabusa-2 will be flung into space on a rocket for a mammoth four year voyage.
# apocalypse now?
Guardian reader's letter poses VERY good question
We wonder how long the writer was planning this doozy.
# sitdown sunday
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
# Space
VIDEO: Asteroid glances by earth
# Asteroid
LIVE: NASA coverage of a giant asteroid sweeping past Earth
♫ I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep… ♫
# Asteroid
Asteroid to pass Earth at 'remarkably close distance'
NASA said the asteroid will not hit earth but it will make the closest ever approach for an object so large.
# Armageddon
Could a nuclear bomb save us from a giant asteroid?
# Look out below!
What do you mean you missed it? An asteroid just flew past Earth
An asteroid measuring 11m in diameter came five times closer than the moon at around 4pm – but that’s still 60,000km away.
# Near miss
Asteroid comes close to Earth - but what would happen if it hit us?
Astronomers say the asteroid will pass Earth safely this evening – but here’s a worst-case scenario guide to what would happen if it didn’t.
# Asteroid
Asteroid to pass between the earth and the moon
It is bigger than an aircraft carrier – but it won’t hit the earth, scientists promise.
# Space
We are not alone - asteroid discovered in Earth's orbit
Thankfully, this Trojan asteroid poses no danger to the planet.
# Duck!
Earth set for near miss from asteroid - but greater danger ahead
An asteroid measuring around a quarter of a mile across will come closer than the moon on November 8, but it’s a tiny worry compared to what else lies in store…
# Space
Amateur astronomer captures ‘near-miss’ asteroid (video)
Asteroid was expected to come within about 28,000 miles of earth today.