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# adoption - Friday 23 October, 2020

Fionn Davenport: I was born in a mother and baby home - we have a right to our past

Writer Fionn Davenport says the government’s rushing through of legislation last night condemns survivors of mother and baby homes to 30 more years of darkness.

# adoption - Wednesday 11 December, 2019

Adopted people will not get automatic access to birth records over parent's right to privacy

Minister Zappone said she was “personally deeply disappointed” that a consensus could not be reached on the issue.

# adoption - Thursday 9 May, 2019

81-year-old woman meets her mother for the first time after 60 years of searching

Eileen Macken spoke to Liveline this afternoon about meeting her mother Elizabeth, who’s 103.

# adoption - Sunday 17 February, 2019

'I felt so humiliated, I burst into tears': Woman questions why she was asked for adoption cert when applying for PSC

The woman’s adopted status is not well known and she was unaware she would have to discuss the topic in public.

# adoption - Saturday 12 January, 2019

Six-month waitlist for counselling and confusion for those affected by adoption scandal despite promises Exclusive

The HSE told Tusla it hadn’t received any direction on this, despite the Department of Children believing it to be the case.

# adoption - Thursday 10 January, 2019

Couples who were left in limbo after adoption agency shut down to get payments

Arc Adoption was licenced to facilitate intercountry adoptions from 2011-2014.

# adoption - Thursday 1 November, 2018

'Many still don't know where loved ones are buried': Irish abuse conference happening in Boston

Minister Katherine Zappone will deliver a keynote speech at the event which is exploring adoption and institutional abuses.

# adoption - Monday 15 October, 2018

'My mother was tied to the bed and when she couldn't push, one of the nuns sat on her chest'

A new report on mother and baby homes has recommended the State give those affected a statutory right to access files.

# adoption - Friday 6 July, 2018

Adoption scandal: Officials questioned whether telling those affected would 'do more harm than good' Exclusive

There may be more people than the 126 identified so far caught up in the St Patrick’s Guild adoption scandal.

# adoption - Thursday 14 June, 2018

'Lies, secrets and silences': Some people with illegally registered births will never know

Minister Zappone has appointed an independent reviewer to oversee an analysis of tens of thousands of records.

# adoption - Tuesday 12 June, 2018

'Ireland's history needs to be cleaned up': Calls for scope of Mother and Baby Homes inquiry to be extended

The Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors also called for a full national DNA database with free testing for all adoptees and illegal adoptees.

# adoption - Wednesday 6 June, 2018

Joan Burton: 'I only saw my long form birth cert when I was close to 50 years of age'

Joan Burton TD recalls her personal efforts to obtain information on her adoption and what legal reforms are now necessary after revelations on the faking of birth certificates.

# adoption - Thursday 31 May, 2018

Poll: Should adopted people be allowed access their full birth information? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should adopted people be allowed access their full birth information?

The issue of adoption rights has been to the forefront in recent days.

# adoption - Wednesday 30 May, 2018

'My date of birth was changed, so my biological parents had no hope of finding me'

Yesterday it was revealed that 126 children adopted between 1946 and 1969 weren’t registered correctly.

Varadkar says there'll be 'difficult conversations' as some Irish people find out they were adopted

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said, “This really needs to be dealt with with the ultimate sensitivity in the period ahead.”

# adoption - Tuesday 29 May, 2018

Zappone reveals at least 126 children were wrongly registered as biological children of adoptive parents

People who were born between 1946 and 1969, who don’t have an adoption order, and were placed by St Patrick’s Guild may be affected by the revelation.

# adoption - Friday 4 May, 2018

Oklahoma passes law allowing adoption agencies deny children to LGBT families on religious grounds

It’s similar to laws in at least five other states.

# adoption - Sunday 15 April, 2018

Column: So you think adoption has nothing to do with you?

Adoption affects more of us than we realise. 900,000 people are directly affected by adoption or close to 20% of the current population of Ireland, writes Paul Redmond.

# adoption - Sunday 21 January, 2018

"It is the worst form of humiliation" - Woman denied Public Services Card due to adopted status

“I just burst out crying,” the 50-year-old woman says. “I really think this is the highest form of discrimination.”

# adoption - Monday 25 December, 2017

'They were hell on earth': Global efforts to get kids out of orphanages are paying off

The number of children in Romania’s orphanages has plummeted from more than 100,000 in the 80s to about 7,000.

# adoption - Thursday 21 December, 2017

'By getting a puppy at Christmas you're putting it at the worst start in life'

Dogs Trust is repeating its warning to the public to not give dogs as Christmas presents.

# adoption - Monday 6 November, 2017

'I've had to tell more people in the last few months than in my entire life' - Man denied Public Services Card because he's adopted

“This shambolic process is now making me feel like a second class citizen – I’m being treated unequally because I’m adopted.”

# adoption - Thursday 2 November, 2017

35 US-born children adopted by Irish families

The adoptions have taken place in the last four years.

# adoption - Monday 9 January, 2017

'Sold to the highest bidder' - how Ireland's institutions allowed Americans to adopt Irish children in the 1950s

On average 10 Irish children (the vast majority born outside of marriage) per month were adopted by American citizens in the early-to-mid 1950s.

# adoption - Wednesday 30 November, 2016

Burton outraged at letter to TDs claiming children adopted by same-sex couples are more likely to be abused

Former Tánaiste said she found the letter “needlessly offensive” to adopted people and gay people.

# adoption - Saturday 20 August, 2016

From The Daily Edge The lovely moment a teen asks her mam's partner to adopt her is going super viral Hey Dad

# adoption - Thursday 11 August, 2016

From The Daily Edge This kind air hostess adopted a stray dog that waited outside her hotel for six months Bring Me Home

# adoption - Sunday 7 August, 2016

From The Daily Edge A stray dog followed a runner for half a desert marathon, and now she's getting adopted Gobi

# adoption - Saturday 25 June, 2016

Adopted people are desperately trying to seek their natural families - before it's too late

People trying to find their birth relatives before they die have to wait two years to see a social worker.

# adoption - Thursday 10 March, 2016

From The Daily Edge The lovely moment a girl asked the man who raised her to adopt her is going viral on Facebook Sob

The lovely moment a girl asked the man who raised her to adopt her is going viral on Facebook

It’s even caught Ellen DeGeneres’ attention.

# adoption - Tuesday 26 January, 2016

Aged 61, actor discovers he was adopted: 'I went from being an only child to the eldest of seven'

Alan Stanford says, ‘Knowing you haven’t been forgotten is so important’

# adoption - Tuesday 19 January, 2016

"Meeting my birth father for the first time was really a unique experience."

TV3′s Adoption Stories has followed up on Dan, adopted from Romania when he was three.

# adoption - Tuesday 5 January, 2016

'If I was a scientist I'd invent a time machine, and go visit my birth mother'

Nine years after being adopted by Irish parents, Liwen has settled in well.

# adoption - Thursday 6 August, 2015

My first daughter was taken from me at 18, but I never gave up hope of meeting her again

Adopted children shouldn’t be prevented from contacting their natural mothers, Irish First Mothers founder Kathy McMahon writes.

# adoption - Friday 31 July, 2015

Should adopted children have the right to contact their natural mother? Not if it endangers vulnerable women

My natural mother wants nothing to do with me and so I leave her in peace, however painful it is to do so.

# adoption - Tuesday 28 July, 2015

'Truly historic' - Adopted children will soon have the right to their birth records

Birth parents will be allowed declare if they do not wish to be contacted.

# adoption - Thursday 9 July, 2015

'It's like looking at myself in drag' - adopted brother and sister reunited after 40 years

Paul recognised Maggie immediately when he met her for the first time.

# adoption - Thursday 25 June, 2015

This woman thought she had found her birth mother's family, but it wasn't what it seemed

“I was so happy those days, I was thinking ‘This is definitely right, this is my family’.”

# adoption - Tuesday 16 June, 2015

Baby Maria, childcare, and why all we want the 'storybook child'

There are currently over 6,000 children in the Irish care system but in childhood, as in life, the implication is that younger is better.

# adoption - Tuesday 19 May, 2015

'The marriage referendum proposal could affect future laws relating to children'

Solicitor Eileen King writes about why a group of lawyers are advocating a No vote this Friday.

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